++ positive thread ++


that’s amazing, there’s not much better than the relief of a bad time coming to an end. You got a link to your band’s stuff?


And you have your snazzy glitzyglitter jacket :slight_smile: :fireworks:


nice! What’s your course?


It must be awful being typecast as The Burrito Guy when your diet is so varied…


we actually had burritos for tea xD


Sorry Bammers, I don’t want to harsh the posi-vibes but you’re wrong.

Whole Nut or No Nut for me.



:frowning: consider my vibes harshed!


I want to like this but feel that would overharsh the vibes.

Shall we agree to disagree?


yeah that’s fine! I want some chocolate now though unfortunately


Journalism! Been distance learning for nearly 2 years although mostly procrastinating from distance learning, especially now I’m not planning to actually be a journalist.


you’re dead smart so would probably make a great journalist


thank you <3 i’m just not driven/passionate enough to work in a failing industry that pays badly :frowning:


as an unemployed musician who will likely never make a single £ I hear ya!


Thanks Bamnan (and all the other nice folks who liked the post), you’re definitely right about that. Puts plenty of other things firmly into perspective. Hope you keep getting the good news about your mum too :slight_smile:

I don’t have a link to any of my bands stuff unfortunately - we’re just rehearsing for a friend’s wedding currently and then we’ll see where it takes us after that. Here’s an Elliott Smith cover I did last year if you’re interested though. Only realised after recording all the instrumental parts that the vocal was really hard and I couldn’t sing it very well - so they’re a bit wonky. Damn Elliott, made it sound so effortless:


Nice cover! I love that song.


Thanks man, one of my favourites too. Hope your music’s coming along good, look forward to hearing when all is done.


not long now!

  • sun is shining, going to meet a friend for coffee!


let’s have another go at this:

  • I went for a run today and the sun was shining
  • grandaddy were really good last night
  • law & order is a great TV show!

  • reaction to my album on here has been uniformly positive!