++ Positive Thread ++

There’s a lot of turmoil in the world but let’s list some things that remind you that life has been, is and will be great :slight_smile:

  • it’s a bright crisp morning and I’m up early enough to enjoy it
  • feeling on top of my mental health at the moment
  • Mario odyssey is a delight!
  • really enjoying the instant coffee I’ve got, it’s really not bad!

Now you go



Good idea!

Was feeling a bit low yesterday, but spent the afternoon today at my ATD’s for his birthday, lots of really good food and booze and good company so now I feel OK again.
And now watching Stranger Things and playing some online poker and relaxing.


I’m up early on a Sunday for the first time in forever!
Watching wrestling and playing Mario Odyssey, life isn’t all bad is it?


god it’s so sunny!

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that’s great! Being free(er) of anxiety is a lovely feeling, gonna enjoy the sun today?

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Got a small group of people around me who all still seem to be there when I mess up…and I’m starting to realise they won’t be going anywhere.

Feeling physically a lot better recently

My cat is ace

I have a job in the pipeline which means I can finish this damn course

Finding DiS a more friendly place these days, but no less funny than before

I eat sauerkraut every week


ah bless ya! Well even just sitting by a window with the sun on your face can be great, basically what I’m doing right now with a cuppa


what’s sauerkraut like? The word alone sounds tasty.

Glad you have people around who love you

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The first step towards true entrepreneurial enlightenment.


I think there are a number of different versions…but in general it’s just basically pickled cabbage…and tastes pretty much how you would expect it to (I don’t actually eat it weekly, it was a reference to the social media thread, but I thought your question deserved a genuine answer).

ah man I’m not a fan of cabbage! Nevermind, glad you like it

gonna go for a goddamn sauna in a bit :star_struck::blush::relaxed::heart_eyes:


Carribean curry tonight.
Shabazz Palaces on Wednesday.

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Got a load of family visiting later. I can’t wait to see them all.

  • Live in a nice house with my amazing friends.
  • Get to play loads of music all the time.
  • Starting a job I’ve wanted for a long time soon.
  • Am healthy and happy and I’m very lucky.
  • generally feeling happy with my appearance for the first time
  • got a trip to Holland this weekend and London the weekend after to see good people and good bands
  • gran has got out of hospital (though still far from healthy)
  • fancy a cute gal
  • fireworks tonight

+ the sun is shining and we’re out to the coast
+ we live less than half an hour’s drive from said coast
+ girls are absolutely delighted with their new bedrooms
+ lots of people are buying into this Foodbank event and it feels like it might actually be a success after weeks of stressing about it
+ usual stuff like good health, good friends, enough money to live on, stuff I shouldn’t take for granted

There’s loads more really, just thought I’d list a few :slight_smile:


Yeah DiS is on really good form at the moment :slight_smile:


The quizzes have been really something recently

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  • just woken up after a brilliant 11 hour sleep, which is way longer than I usually get to have
  • flying home on Friday night after six weeks working away
  • bought a couple of nice things for myself yesterday
  • it’s my birthday soon and I’m seeing Brand New and I’m so excited about it