++ Positive Thread ++

happy birthday carmen!

Don’t think I’ve slept for 11 hours in years!

Thanks Bam, don’t think I have either but I’ve been so tired this week that it must have just caught up with me

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Seeing a mate from London to go climbing in the peak district. Have had the date in the diary for ages and just delighted that the weather is absolutely perfect for it.


get out there and flex those guns!

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  • my body is healthy
  • I’m moving towards sorting out stuff
  • gonna have this essay done tonight
  • rehersals later with 2 of the best bunch of lads to walk the earth
  • get to socialise with a GBOLs tomorrow
  • I got a succulent last night that is cute

Love ya all x


what’s a succulent?

Everything else there sounds tip-top!

show us the succulent


Look at him go!


he’s perfect :star_struck:


Big :heart: Bam.

  • I saw a great show yesterday that a pal I hadn’t seen for years was playing in, in an incredible concert hall in Stockholm
  • Got off my ass and went to the gym yesterday, and even though I started slow I am so glad I went.
  • Having a great time with the new TV
  • I hooked up my SNES to my projector yesterday and big screen Super Mario World is awesome!
  • Love the cold weather at the moment

if the world is doomed then the only real choice is to view every calm and pleasant day as a beautiful gift to cherish for yourself and for others. Go out and tell someone you love them!

I was just out walking and smiled at an old man and said good morning, he smiled and reciprocated. I wouldn’t normally do this but it feels good to recognise other people in your world even for a brief time.

Love you all x


oh congratulations on your new television/life partner! Whichever you may be referring to.

Also yes super mario world is a big poisitve in life. How did they create something so iconic and perfect?!

what was the best thing you ate all week?

sushi tonight!! Yaaay


sounds amazing!

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  1. congrats to your friend, any fun wedding customs and stuff?

  2. well done on being a smart cookie? What are you learning? Sciencey or arty?

  3. holidays are great, I should take one some day

  4. I imagine you as being pretty well spoken in a soft understated kind of way. Good luck on the podcast! Make sure you share it if it doesn’t make you feel too self-conscious.

  5. health is amazing, I had a bad tummy for a while recently and now that I’m feeling better it’s like I can do anything!

  6. sorry for responding to all your points

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not for me but they always look so cute and interesting

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I would absolutely LOVE to listen to a podcast by you!! I’m obsessed with podcasts (and you :kissing_heart:) please let us know when it’s up!! :smiley:


right all,

I’m off for a coffee and a walk with a friend (that’s right, I get to do fun old people boring stuff that’s actually nice and relaxing) stay positive in my absence x

I’m not superstitious at all but for some reason I’ve got a bit of a phobia of listing positives just incase it somehow makes something bad happen. Haha!! Mental. So yeah… I’ll just stick with sushi. It’s not too awful if that doesn’t work out.