Positivity Thread

I feel like I’ve been a curmudgeonly old sod the past few weeks and so I think it would be good to list some positives. Maybe 3-5 each? But feel free to post more / less.

:sunny: My eldest has probably had her best autumn term so far. Really proud of her for little things like managing to stay calm when the Christmas songs went wrong in school assembly, and being really kind to her younger sister. She’s written the sweetest Christmas list (it’s ridiculously modest)
:sunny: I’m six months in to my secondment and I’ve managed not to break down, or throw in the towel or anything. I feel genuinely challenged / stretched for the first time in years. I’m working on procuring a couple of shared houses to get a bunch of rough sleepers off the street (a sort-of Housing First pilot) and the l**ting ag*nts I’ve approached haven’t totally dismissed me.
:sunny: I’ve got a nice walk planned on Saturday. Some of Mrs CCB’s work friends are coming along too (we had a load of them for dinner a few weeks ago and they actually want to socialise with us again!)
:sunny: my colleague brought in some amazing breakfast goods for his birthday and I had a pain au chocolate that was almost as big as my face


:heavy_check_mark: Had a really positive job interview yesterday
:heavy_check_mark: House feels and looks all cosy and Christmassy after we did the decorations yesterday
:heavy_check_mark: Going shopping exclusively for festive treats later
:heavy_check_mark: And this is the big one: My wife has recently started taking Cipramil after a particularly bad bout of anxiety/depression and told me yesterday that she feels happy for the first time in months. Got proper teary at that one.


Christmas food shopping is the best :slight_smile:

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Going M&S-Lidl-Sainsburys for a full spectrum of goodies.


This website makes me so emosh sometimes. Just got something in my eye over that last one.


M&S have those bacon wrapped cheese bites

blimey such a bad vegan

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:sun_with_face: I’m still so in love with my new fridge
:sun_with_face: Just booked flights to Thailand for the end of Jan
:sun_with_face: So excited about Christmas. It’s my favourite time of the year!


sorry but burst out laughing at that


:white_check_mark: First batch of this winter’s pickled onions are ready and they’re so good.

:white_check_mark: Getting a bespoke hot sauce from a colossal horse.

:white_check_mark: Had dog behaviourist visit yesterday and it’s nice to feel that we’ll be getting help with our difficult hound, and also had reassurance that we weren’t being totally useless.

:white_check_mark: Gonna get crunk with some bog dwellers on Saturday.

:white_check_mark: Also finally booked a wedding venue and date. Should have probably remembered that one.


:ireland: buying our first actual proper Christmas tree on Saturday.

:ireland: gonna be in a shack on Loch Lomond over new years and having a lovely tasting menu dealy at an alpaca farm on NYE

:ireland: meeting loads of Dissers over the next 3 weeks

:ireland: finally get to impart the secret that I’m taking my wife-o to Budapest. This is eating me up inside, can’t wait to see her unwrap the lonely planet guide on Christmas day

:ireland: get to spend Christmas day with my folks for the first time in 5 years



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I can’t use suns since there are none here so I’ll use…:star2:

:star2: Looking for a job and haven’t had to apply for anything yet, all my interviews are coming from companies who have directly approached me which is pretty comforting considering the last time I looked for a job it took 6 months
:star2: Getting to walk a lovely dog every day this week
:star2:have got back into going to the gym which is making me feel good, if very unfit
:star2: I’m living a charmed life at the moment where I don’t need to pay for anything or cook any food
:star2: Looking forward to receiving cookies and a postcard from my raffle winnings

  • Had a sick massage last night
  • It’s Thursday already
  • Got Body in the Thames doing a song for me
  • Nearly Christmas
  • I don’t hate myself
  • Reading some good stuff right now
  • Going to my favourite restaurant for dinner

I’m a pickling man myself but only specialise in gherkins/cucumbers. How do go about pickling onions? What type are best?


  1. Peel some shallots, cover in salt overnight to dry them out a bit.

  2. Mix a load of dark pickling vinegar with quite a lot of clear honey and heat until almost boiling. Do not allow this to boil over because it’ll make an unholy mess. Meanwhile, fill an airtight vessel with your onions and some seeds/herbs of your choosing.

  3. Pour the vinegar/honey mix over. Seal, and leave in the dark for ~6 weeks.

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Many thanks, its harder than pickling cucumbers sounds very tasty though

Tomorrow is sort of a win win: either I’ll be working for a day on some tv shoot (which’ll be nerve wracking but probably beneficial and overall fun) or I’ve got a day off to spend with my freedom and then going to the cinema in the evening.

Might go to the cinema on Saturday as well

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I keep thinking about how much I love it.

I’ll pick you some up but eat them myself how does that sound?

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  • DiS stuff
  • Feeling good about myself/my looks
  • Looks like I’m finally off to Japan next year!