Positivity Thread

:sunny: The adjustments that have been put in place at work seem to be helping with my anxiety. Really pleased I went down the Occupational Health route and got bits formalised - haven’t had a crushingly tight chest and associated feelings of doom for about ten days. Hoping this will last and make my meeting with an Occupational Therapist ten days hence a bit more positive than the tearful assessment phonecall was a fortnight ago.

:sunny: Being part of this community is just amazing. Yesterday was one of the best days ever with the raffle thread. Some of the people in here are beyond wonderful and most of them are completely unaware of the fact. It’s a very humbling place to be a part of.

:sunny: Some good festive things lined up in the next couple of weeks. Gently getting in the mood.

:sunny: Excited about the raffle prize I’m getting and those I’m providing.

:sunny: Sailed past 125 pages written on the book I’m trying to write.


I’ll be PMing you about some preferences in a bit :slight_smile:

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ok here goes:

:+1: holiday to Copenhagen was good but most importantly my wife, who gets very anxious about flying to the point that we basiclaly didn’t for years, was fine on the flight there and back. she did have some pentazemin to help her out but definitely going in the right direction and she’s saying that the next time we go away we can look at places that are 3-4 hours away - end goal is to get her comfortable enough to fly to either the US or Japan (her brother lives there, never been to visit) so small steps but getting there
:+1: only 6.5 working days left this year for me
:+1: got a microwave yesterday as we didn’t have one when we moved into our house like 3 years ago and never got one - looking forward to being able to defrost stuff or cook basic stuff in it, wife is dead excited about doing mash or baked potatoes in it
:+1: got an email saying Nando’s gravy is now a thing? definitely going to try it out


:sun_with_face: got my 3 month gym challenge weigh-in tomorrow, excited to know/see the results
:sun_with_face: also got a nice day off tomorrow so going to head up to mcr and do some shopping and mooching before meeting old colleagues for some beers
:sun_with_face: kids are both doing really well, their sticker/reward charts are filling up and excited for my eldest’s school show next Wednesday
:sun_with_face: feeling much more settled into my job as a remote worker the lack of a grim 3 hour commute each day has really improved my general health and wellbeing, and made me a bit more helpful around the house and see the kids so much more


thanks for taking one for the team buddy

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Nando’s gravy?!

Need that rn

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:sunny: Raffle!
:sunny: Got a big new monitor so I can go back to playing lots of vidya.
:sunny: Got a good weekend of cinema and noisy bands lined up
:sunny: You’re all just bloody lovely and I’m just happy to be here :grinning:




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i know it’ll literally be 100% bog standard gravy, but i am unfortunately a sucker for all things Nando’s

It’s a piece of piss.

I’m feeling pretty great at the moment.

The start of this year was pretty stressful with all of this hitting at the same time, leaving me pretty mentally exhausted and not wanting to do anything.

:x: Youngest nephew, very ill with Crohns.
:x: Eldest nephew, being really badly bullied.
:x: Highly stressed by a big work project.
:x: Cat nearly dying and needing meds.
:x: Credit card fraud and someone opening multiple accounts in my name.

:white_check_mark: Youngest nephew, whilst still needing regular hospital appointments is really happy and energetic.
:white_check_mark: Eldest nephew, changed schools to BRIT school and has loads of friends and is different kid.
:white_check_mark: Finished that project and everyone at work thought it was great…
:white_check_mark: Cats still here and is contented.
:white_check_mark: Fraud stuff took a while but everythings back to normal.

Other positives.
:white_check_mark: Going to more gigs that I have for a long time. Admittedly a few with the nephew which is lovely.
:white_check_mark: Can’t wait for Christmas. I’m really going to embrace it this year, might have gone a bit mad on presents for family.
:white_check_mark:Work stresses are the lowest they’ve been for a long time.
:white_check_mark: DiS has been great lately, especially the raffle. I just need to go to a meet at some point.


So happy that you’ve done this.


:grinning: genuinely my go-to now.

I’ll be doing the job tomorrow. (Incredibly nervous now though to the point of bad stomach feelings)

To return to positivity though, it’s nearly LUNCH

This is lovely stuff :slight_smile:

In fact, all your stuff is lovely

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Went into work late by accident and then found out that I was only doing a half day anyway so I only went into work for 2.5 hours and now I’m in bed listening to Christmas songs.


:star2: Since getting back from my last contract abroad I’ve been looking after myself and not taking on too much work so I feel much better than I did for a few months
:star2: Really started to enjoy exercise again and getting back into running, feeling really strong atm and I know I’m getting fitter
:star2: Managing to avoid going mad on the sugary stuff this December (I usually decide that it’s fine to eat a mince pie every day and knock back the booze because “it’s Christmas” then feel like shit for weeks after)
:star2: Got paid a fat invoice yesterday worth about two months’ salary for one massive job
:star2: Getting the tree on Saturday :christmas_tree: