Positivity Thread


Went into work late by accident and then found out that I was only doing a half day anyway so I only went into work for 2.5 hours and now I’m in bed listening to Christmas songs.


:star2: Since getting back from my last contract abroad I’ve been looking after myself and not taking on too much work so I feel much better than I did for a few months
:star2: Really started to enjoy exercise again and getting back into running, feeling really strong atm and I know I’m getting fitter
:star2: Managing to avoid going mad on the sugary stuff this December (I usually decide that it’s fine to eat a mince pie every day and knock back the booze because “it’s Christmas” then feel like shit for weeks after)
:star2: Got paid a fat invoice yesterday worth about two months’ salary for one massive job
:star2: Getting the tree on Saturday :christmas_tree:


:dog2: Molly Moo turned 1 today and is being spoilt rotten. That’s enough for me.


:ireland: Since going on a completely gluten free diet in the summer my health has improved greatly. i should have made this change years ago but I’m happy I’ve done it!

:ireland: Moving in with my girlfriend has been great. It’s amazing to have our own space and that we’re able to make a home together.

:ireland: I’ve improved my bass playing and general musicianship no end this year, very happy with that.

:ireland: My grandmother is in the best health she’s been in in years. I’m delighted that she’s healthy and happy going into her ninetieth year!


:canada: i’ve been feeling the most stable, calm and positive that i have done in years, despite the huge move, and i’m hoping that i’ve found the right combo of meds :crossed_fingers:
:canada: things are ticking along pretty well here with regard to meeting new people and looking for work
:canada: things have improved a fair amount with my family recently
:canada: can get potato smileys here
:canada: going on an adventure to see the sabres play on saturday with some new friends :slight_smile:
:canada: won two awesome raffle prizes yesterday :star_struck:


:sunglasses: Working from home today
:sunglasses: I had a cheeky pint in the Basketmakers at lunchtime. It was just going to be a half, but the barman recognised me, got my pint glass (which was a 40th birthday present from my other half) down from the hook and asked what I was having. So that meant I had to have a pint, right?
:sunglasses: Off to see the Cardigans tomorrow night for the first time in more than twenty years
:sunglasses: And oh yeah, on Saturday I’m off to :australia: for a whole month - my longest break without work or study for at least 25 years


This is absolutely not in any doubt whatsoever :heart:


Aww Marty you’re the best x :blush:


:sun_with_face: Just got tickets for me and my partner to see Richard Dawson in Newcastle in January.
:sun_with_face: Started running again after a 2 month break for an injury/anxiety re-entering the fray. Did 9k in 46 mins which felt good and really boosted me.
:sun_with_face: Playing Spider-Man on PS4 and it is genuinely nice to play something that reminds me of playing video games as a child, just joyous to swing around and escape for a bit.
:sun_with_face: Big one today, I didn’t curl up in an anxious mess and think about some dark thoughts due to my PhD today. Didn’t really get any work done, but I didn’t give into the darkness like I have the rest of the week, which will get into the weekend in a good mood!


Have you changed names?


:princess: really happy with my raffle prizes (haircut from @he_2 which I’m gonna get in January and will post pics of and proofreading by @stupidsexyflanders which I will probably use for a proposal I’m writing (so not too long - don’t worry!)

:princess: I’m being taken out on a date for Japanese food to make up for my cinema mix up the other night

:princess: volunteering stuff going really well - got a couple of training days lined up

:princess: political organising stuff going well and I’m really enjoying getting to know local socialists

:princess: parents visiting this weekend and getting to see their grandcatchild :tiger:

:princess: found a really interesting research project that I might apply for…

:princess: just posted the first batch of xmas cards


I haven’t, always a Chebbles :slight_smile:


Ah well, hey! I don’t think our paths have crossed. Glad to hear about all the positives :slight_smile:


:slight_smile: this thread has made me smile and well up so many times.
:slight_smile: still getting a warm happy glow whenever I think about raffle stuff, the amazing gifts you guys got me, or when I think about different people getting their prizes and how exciting that is for them.
:slight_smile: I managed to alter the bracelet I wanted to wear to my nan’s funeral so it wouldn’t fall off my tiny wrist and do so in a non-invasive way so I can put it back how it was. It might sound really inconsequential but I rely a lot on physical objects as grounding points so it became disproportionately important that I wore this bracelet.
:slight_smile: one particular strand of my personal life is really great rn.


Loving the format you’ve gone with gp!


:man_teacher: Feel like I’m getting a grip on my studies after being quite stressed at first
:christmas_tree: Got a fair bit of time off coming up
:jp: We’ve got a trip to Japan to look forward to over Easter
:cat2: Had a really nice lie down with my cat before and she briefly wasn’t trying to bite me
:page_facing_up: Had a couple of papers accepted in good journals recently