Maybe makes your TV go a bit fuzzy, knocks some marmite over and makes your nighty billow.

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would be nice to have a bit of company

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Hmm, fuzzy tv would do my head in, marmite and nighty would be fine though.

You have received it in an inheritance from your creepy uncle, the one with all the secrets but he has a clause saying you can’t sell it for twenty years.

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some say you can still see the outline of his uncle on the ceiling to this day


Why are these ghosts never helpful? You never get one that makes the bed for you or turns on the central heating before you get home. Bunch of cunts

You could save some electricity by keeping your food in that one really cold spot in the house.

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I’d stick it out. I always knew my life would culminate in a battle with the spirit world.

I’m building my own proton pack.

where can I find out more about @sadpunk s haunted house please?


I’d fight the ghost and I’d win

Please be warned that what you read may well be too much for you.

The true horror begins here:

Well not @epimer’s fucking boring post but the one below.

You fucking clown.

This one was seen in sadpunk’s garden last night!

Doesn’t everyone have a garden clown?

Not that common in Australia, but plenty of them in the netherlands

You are a believer, born again and yet you hear voices and you are possessed

Funnily enough dealing with possession was a training component of my last vocation