Possibly simulposted Monday morning thread

Feel free to combine this one with the inevitable one that starts while I’m correcting autocorrect on this one.

How’s youse?

Got a bout of nervous stomach in advance of today’s work thing, having had a keeeeraaazy anxiety dream in which I was on a school trip and I accidentally let the school pets loose. The school pets were two bipedal sort of dinosaur bat things

Going to start a crowdfunder to fit every bird with a trumpet-style mute. Except for parrots, obviously.

2hrs sleep last night, my problem with deadlines is getting out of hand. My work is of superb quality when I’m under pressure because I don’t have time to overthink and mess it up and just do it well, but at what cost :sneezing_face:

Also discord needs to hurry up and update the emojis, my two new favourites are here 🥲🥸

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Specify that it should be a Harmon mute for comedy wah-wah-wah purposes

Busy day today, lots of work stuff and also errands stuff! It’s also the last sunny day before the weather breaks here for a bit of rain, which is okay because it’s been really, really dry and the garden is going to love it.

Seriously cannot be fucking arsed.


Anxious decision point

Do I drink water because that’s a good idea and helps prevent too much out-freakage

Or do I stop drinking water bc I may have passed the point where I’m just going to be needing to pee all day

Good morning, or is it? Really don’t want it to be Monday. Weekend was so good, full of views like this:

At least I get to meet @Unlucky for a lunchtime wander today, that’ll be nice :coffee:


Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


On my way to Ipswich for work. Just found out you can eat inside at a services. Must be a different type of covid in them than all the other places that you can’t sit inside at

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Give me a wave as you pass junction 33 of the A14 please

I’ll sound my horn

Even though it’s not a Thursday

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looks lovely, where’s that?!

It’s the Galloway Forest Park, a hill called The Merrick. Stopped at Girvan beach on the way back too, a really lovely day trip from Glasgow!

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proper monday dread agghhhh fuck i don’t wanna go back to work wahhhhh

…guess i better make some more coffee. think i finished writing a new album over the weekend though so i guess at least i did something before the inevitable return to soul crushing dayjob.



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Unloaded a lorry full of garden furniture before 8.30 and now I’m just running the clock down until half 5.

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nice :+1:

Early trip to a deserted brimham rocks with the silly toddler. Serenely peaceful.


A day off but I woke up suddenly paranoid about something I did on Friday, and now am very tempted to log in. Shan’t though.

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Morning. Struggling to get going today. Second jab at lunchtime though :partying_face: .