Post a map of your flat / house (a beautiful thread idea by unlucky)

I have been wondering about that, there is no way Max should have any knowledge about that area


this is elegant. are the unlabelled rooms cupboards?

The unlabeled room is a study (where I’m currently sitting)

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drew mine wrong actually, the stairs to the street are under james’s room not sticking out like that

Edit this isn’t very accurate

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Lot more balconies than I’d have guessed.

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yes they are

Oooo double access to your kitchen! So many ways to escape!

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the hell is a cucina when it’s at (your) home?

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Really good thread Shrewbie, really good


do you do anything fun with that angled wall in your room?

I just opened a new tab to Google the bedsit we lived in for 5 years but then I realised It would probably give me nightmares so I stopped.

(I often have dark dreams in which we’re still living there)

I’ll try, but in the meantime I want you all to know that after 10 months of living here I’ve only now discovered one of my sofas folds out as a sofa bed


That’s pretty cool, it must seem like a tower

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