Post a photo of your kitchen


Whoever has the worst kitchen wins



little pano for you


I’m glad I did the washing up. Also a pano:


State of this fucking load of shit


Close the thread pls


why don’t you make me?


Cannot fucking wait to have a usable kitchen again.


Can’t wait to have my own home again. This will be ours soon.





Just moved in, not had chance to wreck it yet.


RIP Unlucky’s kitchen.


Not too bad at the moment. I don’t use this kitchen. dunno how long it’s been like this.


Mine’s substantially worse than any so far



put your money where your mouth is


Your kitchen only needs to have a bit to stack dirty dishes next to the sink in order to be considerably better than mine. Having more than one drawer would do it as well.


I don’t really like my kitchen but it’s not too bad I guess

I win nothing


Yeah, looks proper shit this


It’s nice enough but it’s too small and too shiny, gets fingerprints all over it. It’s a pain in the arse