Post a photo of your kitchen


It is shiny, I’ll give you that


Can I have second place after Ant?



I think yr lying m9


Alright Mr Trebus



Not too messy. Regular midweek appearance. Can’t wait to rip the whole thing out


took a picture but it looked disturbingly ok* so I’m going to have to bow out gracefully

*I spent hours cleaning it today so it fucking should



Here’s mine - everyone should have a turntable in their kitchen


Got enough coats on the door?


That’s where all my coats live

There is also a blanket thing drying there after being washed after being shat on by the cat


Not a great photo. Massively untidy. But you can see the led strips I had installed (at massive expense and to B’s chagrin).


Cat making a guest appearance?


Yes, but I don’t think it’s the one that did the pissing

Their food is down there so having a snack


Really want a new kitchen but have no £££


I like this one. Reminds me of the one from poltergeist


Need to replace some light bulbs


I’m out and have no photos of my kitchen except for my fridge


Could do with a bit of work


Nice airbnb