Post a photo of your kitchen




Srs, that’s nice


It’s not really my kitchen


I’m out, but I guarantee nobody has a shitter kitchen than me.

Just you wait…


Fucking knew it. What a schmuck


Just realised looking through the hatch in one of these photos into your dining room that you’ve got the Beatles round for tea. You should probably get back to them.


I’m in bed but I wanted to take part


Move your bed to the kitchen


This is just making me feel like I should go do the dishes. Stop it.


christ, you shoulda seen some of the kitchens I’ve had over the years. my current one is easily x 20 the best I’ve ever had. one of them was exactly like the kitchen in withnail and I.


I have big Beatles prints in all the main rooms - it really pulls the flat together


Think we are washing machine brothers.


You should have married my wife.




I spent so long trying (failing) to photoshop a photo of Jamie Oliver onto the wall of the kitchen of my new house and now I’m sick of looking at both of them.



She would like a Beatles print in each and every room. We currently only have one in the bedroom but my dickhead sister just gave her a load of yellow submarine prints (she works for a printer).

Plus I think you’d really get on.


:grinning:Mrs Balonz is clearly a woman of great taste

In the bedroom I have a big picture of John and Yoko doing their famous “bed ins”. In the living room the fab 4 are taking a lovely dip together in the pool (their hands are under the water which is concerning considering recent revelations about them)


She is



I’m about to get a semi over some tiles again, aren’t I.


WIP photos