Post a photo of your kitchen


With mood lighting:




We have this one in the bedroom


I’m going to take this as flattering rather than a suggestion you may have ‘been’ with her.

Many thanks!


Does it play a sea-shanty-esque tune for 30 seconds when it’s finished?


Feel free to take it how you like Lonzo, redacted


Yes it does but I have never heard it as the first thing my wife said (I need to shut up about her) was ‘does it make a noise and can you turn it off’. So I work by the click.


good photo


Ours makes a noise very similar to the Mastermind sound, so when it goes off, I… haahahaha… I say … hahahaha… I say “I’ve started so I’ll finish!” :joy::joy::joy:


Nice kitchen but shame you don’t have a cooker anymore.


It’s built-in


sorry kitchen is a total state at the moment, I’ve left my piles of money and awards scattered everywhere


Finally got it looking just how I want it…



Which one? Main kitchen/diner or larder kitchen?


wherever you usually have your Kitchen Suppers


Do live on the death star? ( its very nice with all the black and white I thought a cud make a funny)


Here is a current picture through the doorway from where I am sitting:


Not sure about the décor.


is the big tube for cat access