Post a photo of your kitchen


I’m amazed the drying rack is staying on at that angle


Probably buying one of these.

Worth it?


It’s undeniably small but if you’re alright with that then it’s a decent little fridge


What size pizza box could it hold?


although we now have this table


I’m not familiar with that particular unit of measurement


Did you get the cat to coordinate with the kitchen or the kitchen with the cat?


He fucking hated being painted


Fuck’s sake ttf


Update for your pleasure:




Just had the insurers builders over and they are going to have to make the walls good so an entire paint and skim as well as the ceiling! Need to think about colours…


I am copying your kitchen when I get mine done. ok bye!


The tiling is going all the way up to the ceiling and I’m going to love it so hard.


I got two turntables and a microwave


This has done me completely. POTW on a Monday!