Post a Pic of Your Pizza (Rolling)

It is a white sauce

Conclusion: crust didn’t really taste like tiger bread but it did taste like nice crusty bread


This was great.


I got an Ooni pizza oven the other week and finally got round to buying all the bits and pieces to actually use it and make pizzas, and this is all that survived from two pizzas :man_facepalming:

this one kind of just fell apart as it was going into the oven, the other disintegrated before it even got that far. think the dough was too wet but idk. tasted alright though :+1:

on the down side, when I went to put the pizza in i put the door down on my fake plastic lawn, and because it was very hot it’s now melted a door shaped blob in my lawn. and the door now has a coating of green plastic, which I don’t think I can use with the oven unless I want my pizzas to have a nice, toxic aftertaste. so unless I can clean that off properly or get a replacement door I’ve proper fucked it :partying_face:


Ah mate. Nightmare. My first few goes were a bit of a shitshow. Still have a small scar on my arm from a burn.

Worth getting a bag of semolina for dusting the peel. Helps if the dough is wet and sticking to the peel. Although that dough looks good! Probably the toppings making it stick.

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yeah definitely need to use more flour to dust the peel next time (assuming there is one, my wife has written the whole thing off already and I’ll see what I can do about the door)

I think the first one fell apart because it had too much on it, the pepperoni one at least only had a few pepperoni slices on it and they’re quite light, whereas the other was very mushroomy and yeah, not sure it really stood a chance. might just go margherita next time, keep it simple and built up from there.

thought the oven was nice and easy to use at least!

A couple of tips from me…

Try to keep it on your wooden peel for the shortest time possible

If you’ve got some toppings on it, lift a little bit of crust up and blow under it so the air kind of ripples under it a bit.

I’m guessing as you mentioned a door, you don’t have a gas model. I’m not sure if there’s a way to do this on non gas ones but I always knock the flame down to low for the first minute to get better control of the heat without it burning


thanks for this - yep i have the wood model as I’m weird and don’t really like gas appliances, hence the door. think I can reduce the temperature a little bit by turning the flap in the chimney, so that might be worth a look, and yeah, think I need to do everything a bit quicker and a lot less sticky!

Yeast turned out to be almost completely dead so crust was extremely flat, but other than that, pretty decent.


Pizza freak Leeds.
New York style and Detroit style

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Varying my styles recently - went Detroit Style last night (very wet dough and baked in a tray) - Chicago deep dish next week


NICE. What did you cook in it? Regular oven??

(Reckon you could post your dough recipe?)

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Cooked in a regular oven this time - will try it in the Ooni another time I think, just a bit worried cooking such a large amount of dough and controlling the heat.

Used this Recipe but reduced the salt a little bit and made my own pizza sauce - there are mushrooms and peppers under the cheese alongside the pepperoni. The dough is very wet to handle so you need a dough scraper to handle it

Treated myself to this Pan - made all the difference in getting the crust nice and crisp round the edges with those nice burnt cheese bits - sure you could use a regular baking tray but love a new bit of kit


Yeah, I reckon the Ooni is too hot. I did a focaccia and had similar thoughts - just did it in the kitchen oven.

Might treat myself to a pan. That looks amazing. Cheers. :+1:

Bloody love this hobby.

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Potato, rosemary, mozzarella, red onion.

New technique is to remove pizza after a couple of mins, take the door off the oven and let it cool, then pop the pizza back onto the stone to let the base crisp up. Not really Neapolitan style I suppose, but I like a base to give me jaw ache and this delivered.



this really amazing shop bought or a very good delivery?

nice, thick etc.

Very good delivery. Good bake on it.

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Not strictly a pizza but very much pizza-adjacent.

I highly recommend these pizza-flatbread things that Aldi do in the freezers

pizza imo

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Had apparently the best pizza in Edinburgh last night:

  • Tomato, fior di latte, basil, nduja spicy Calabrian pork paste and spicy pork sausage
  • Pizza topped with crushed courgettes, mortadella (thin sliced ham From Bologna), pistachio, smoked provola (mozzarella) and shallow fried zucchini flowers
  • Two massive mushroom and provola arrancini

Was real tasty, that crust is amazing, but very bad structural integrity (had to basically use a knife and fork for the pepperoni one), and actually too much base i think - was full after just a few pieces each!

Joint second best in town imho, excited to have the rest for lunch … now