Post a Pic of Your Pizza (Rolling)

Unreal if so. Looks amazing.

Hope they had one called L’Encore Tricolore

Some of mine from the weekend

Top - pesto, prosciutto, pepperoni, pepper and …pizza
Middle - pesto and prosciutto
Bottom - half pep half marg for the kids

Sadly, I can take no credit for the dough. A local restaurant has started selling theirs


these are quality


Naw from a pizza joint

Capocollo cured pork neck, burrata (off screen, sliced up and added per slice), rocket

Yellow tomato, smoked ricotta, fried courgettes, mushrooms, roasted peppers

Plus bonus nduja arancini

The veg one is solid and have had before, the pork one was amazing


Very nice for a supermarket pizza


Just a simple margherita that me and the kids made together (hence the mess)

We got a bread maker a couple of years ago that had a pizza dough recipe, but we don’t have a pizza oven and the recommended 15-20 mins in our conventional oven makes a pizza that’s fine but nothing special.

Read a tip today that suggested frying it (no oil) on a really hot pan for 3-4 mins, and then shoving it under a really hot grill for another 3-4 mins, and it worked an absolute treat. Looked and tasted like a proper pizza


What supermarket pizza is this please?

Tesco sizzlin’ chicken fajita, from the ‘takeaway’ style range.

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Looks gorgeous. I’ll check that out.


Think it’s the best supermarket pizza I’ve ever had

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that looks amazing.

I have tried the pan technique. Couldn’t believe how well it worked.

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A marg and a beef spicy one from 400 Rabbits in the absolute scorching heat of Saturday. Decent if a little shy on toppings.


I’m absolutely gonna have one of these this week. Looks ace.

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In a deal with the pizza, side and dip for £6.

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Have you had the Franco Manca pepperoni one they do in Tesco? If so, is this better than that? It’s my personal fave supermarket pizza atm

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La Reine, Monte Carlo somewhere



More form Salt. Both the specials sounded great this week, so went for them (and a kids marg hiding there too).


Looks really good but not saucy enough!