Post a Pic of Your Pizza (Rolling)

salsiccia e friarielli is one of my all time toppings


Hell yeah

I’m going back tomorrow to eat this again



I love pizza I love pide I love bread and cheese and meat


Looks wonderful, that.

Jack Nicholson Reaction GIF

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Came here to say ASDA have fully upper their pizza game. These two are excellent, perhaps the best oven pizzas in the UK supermarket scene.

Although minus 3 points for the bat shit way they have cut them in the pic on the box…


It’s like they went for a tavern style cut and then forgot what they were doing half way through.

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Not sure if this is the right thread to ask, but I’ve noticed that all basil at this time of year seems to be imported from the other side of the world (e.g. Kenya)

I like some basil on my pizza but is there any justification for this morally? On the face of it it seems absurd to fly over a few leaves for your pizza.

Also got me thinking, I’m guessing traditional Neapolitan pizza only used basil in season, which is only a few months of the year, or can they grow it all year round in Naples?

I guess indoor plants grown in poly tunnels in Europe are better but how much heat do they need to grow them? I’m trying to be a bit more ethical.

Very easy to grow your own basil at home indoors , if you have a little bit of space

It tastes amazing too

You will need : 1x pot of supermarket basil

Some compost
Jam jar or yoghurt pot/ plant pots
Warm and sunny windowsill, OR a cheap uv light

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Yeah, this. We grow it from seed but you can just use a supermarket pot and split it up.

Growing from seed is super-easy on a windowsill too - just sprinkle a few seeds on some compost in a pot, leave on a warm windowsill and make sure the compost doesn’t dry out. It grows year-round and requires very little in the way of maintenance.

(you have to split the supermarket pots - or at least, repot them into something bigger having broken up the root ball a bit - they sell them at the point that they’re basically rootbound so won’t grow much more unless you re-pot)

I’ve done well splitting supermarket pots in the summer, two pots provided more than enough for pizza and pesto this summer. But I’ve never had success in the winter.

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I don’t know about basil specifically but I work in food retail and there are definitely some things where the imported option is more sustainable than locally grown, e.g. NZ lamb eaten in the UK has a lower carbon footprint than British lamb. In that case transportation isn’t actually the biggest factor and NZ’s conditions are better for rearing sheep. Basil might be similar, where it might be so much easier to grow it in Kenya that the environmental costs of transportation are offset by not needing to care for it as intensively.

I would take a guess that dried herbs are the most sustainable herb option - can be grown at the most suitable time of year, long shelf life so little waste, no need to keep refrigerated. Basil is an annual I think and potted plants don’t necessarily have a great carbon footprint I think. I can’t point to any research to prove this, just a not particularly educated guess

Yes! This is one of the few things we grow at home and use pretty regualrly. Don’t move it outside though as the leaves go all thick and weird (probably common knowledge, wasn’t to me).


West Side Tavern?

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Aye, the ragu pizza. Washed down with beer and tequila :slightly_smiling_face:


We get the mozzarella one fairly frequently, good imo. May go as far as to say best supermarket bung in the oven pizza.

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