Post a Pic of Your Pizza (Rolling)

Went to Salt the other day. Pizza arrived 4 mins after I paid. Which somewhat implies it wasn’t fresh. Similar happened last time I went as well.

At least they’ve stopped the stupid “table service only” rule.


Looks decent to me? 4 mins is quick, but they only take about a minute to cook. I guess if it turns up and you’re able to eat it without burning the roof of your mouth on molten cheese then maybe something is up.

Was fine I guess. Agree cooking doesn’t take a long time, but still needs some prep. Hadn’t even had a sip of my pint and it was there

Imagine if they’re busy they’ve got a conveyer belt of bases getting made that just get topped and cooked when an order comes in

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Yeah, I get that too. They weren’t busy however, half a dozen in at most

Nutella, mozzarella, banana


UberQuell Bier & Pizza Hamburg. Amazing


I don’t doubt that it tasted great but cheese coverage as a percentage is pretty low there


Was the worst of the 3 pizzas. The picante was “chefs kiss”

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Yeah, this is my goto technique now. Good for rattling off three pizzas with different toppings for the fam.