Post a picture of the best view


So put a picture here of the best view you have on your phone/camera/whatever

Everyone loves a good view of something. I like a dramatic sky personally.

Let’s see what you’ve got


This is the view overlooking Kampala from my gf’s Dad’s place. It’s really stunning and the picture doesn’t do it justice.


Love this pic of glaciers meeting the sea as I flew over Greenland in a Dreamliner.


View from a walk in the countryside near where I live

The view from my seat at football.



Maybe not the best, but this was a nice one in Noosa a couple of weeks back.


Good thread idea. This is probably the best view on my phone camera. It’s from Lisbon (which is full of beautiful views), in June this year. I like the way it captures the mazey, jumbled streets of the old-town, all brightly coloured buildings and cracking paint and sudden, beautiful churches. I also like that it shows the proximity of the city and the sea. One of my favourite things when walking around the city (Alfalma in particular) was that it felt like all the buildings were about to slide in. Lisbon is really great.


How many are we allowed? Sorry but I can’t stop at one.



I bet the view from the shed is better.


Was a big fan of this sky on a recentish trip to Lords:

While we’re on views at iconic sports venues here were my views for the Milan derby and El Clasico:


That Lords picture is great.


took this somewhere in the south island of NZ, wish I knew specifically where



best pictures I ever took ones a model village cos I’m QuiRkY
got loads more actually but I don’t like to brag


I was staring at this thinking "those people don’t look real!"
Does that mean those are little bonsai trees?


From the top of the Col du Tourmalet in France

From yesterday’s bike wanker ride


amazing isn’t it
Let’s all take a moment


In keeping with the general theme here’s an outdoors one and a sport one



Outdoors and sport: