Post a picture of what you can see right now


Panoramic view of ‘Royal’ Sutton Coldfield from my office window





View from my flat


spectacular view out my office window



Work view. Dunno why my hole punch is up there. Also I’ve only just noticed that calendar is still on February, so I’ve fixed it.


This is the view from my bedroom window.







not the best view but lots of cats play in this courtyard

  1. What is up with the leadwork above the line of the demolished building gable?
  2. Is that a hamster cage on the flat roof?


Too much sensitive data everywhere. The Information Commissioner would have a field day if I posted a pic. (And I can’t be arsed to hide it all)



Have they demolished a building with a pitched roof AND a building with a curved roof on the same site?


Apparently huge is my word of the day

  1. Unsure. I’ve been wondering about that since we moved in here a few years ago. A larger building may have been demolished to make room from the new build apartments on that plot I’d say.
  2. It was the cage for our hedgehog, who passed away late last year. I chucked it up there one day as it was obstructing my access to the bins. Looks fucking terrible actually, must get rid of it.