Post an image which makes you feel really nostalgic




What game is this? Medal of honour?


Medal of Honour Allied Assault, came out in either 2001 or 2002. The screenshot’s from the D-Day landing level which, at the time, was essentially the most amazing thing ever.



I think I remember watching my brother playing it and I’d just get annoyed because I didn’t understand how to do anything lol


Friday Stats Check


‘In physics no one can hear you scream’


This is a MOVING image so it’s fine.


Super Skidmarks > Super Cars II


To this day, the name Super Skidmarks makes me chuckle.


Bloody love an overhead multiplayer racing game.

Codemasters Grand Prix Simulator*


*Also love the amount of games Codemasters released that had ‘simulator’ in the title but were nothing of the sort.


Ahhhh yes, I remember when I posted this exact image earlier in the thread, good tiimes :slight_smile:



Oh, and Super Bomberman on the SNES, 4 player mode was possibly the most addictive game I have ever played.


Is this the one where you could play as cows on wheels?


And supermarket trollies, and grannies on mobility scooters.


Technically an image…with sound