Post an image which makes you feel really nostalgic




Oh my god, I read that book soooo many times (16, I think). And all the others. Can’t remember anything about them except “I AM THAT IS!!”


You can buy that horse of yours let alone BACK it!!


This was my halls of residence!


Let me know if you’d like to buy a signed copy.


what year? I was there in 2001-2



2005-2006. I had a ground floor room with a window that looked out onto that big stretch of concrete that people used as a football pitch. I quickly learned to block out the sound of footballs hitting my window, and I soon learned to shut my curtains at all times, because otherwise people would gaze in as I read and they played.

Hmm, I didn’t really have a good time while living there, but that image still makes me feel nostalgic. I liked the onsite bar, which was apparently the cheapest on campus.


Jim Jam Ya Ha!


There’s a free app game version of this and it’s just as frustrating as the physical one.



I loved them but quickly figured out that they stuck rigidly to a strict plot template, so every one was basically the same.

As a result I wrote my own Redwall book, which I reckon was actaully pretty good!

…This is probably also the saddest thing I have ever done.



I used to sleep with my door one bigtrak length and one width open.


RIP Jools, Jops & co :cry:


Please let us read it.



hmm… ‘pretty good’ in my 12 year old estimation might not hold up quite so well today.

did follow the formula fairly rigidly though - lots of pastoral larking about in the abbey, page long descriptions of feasts, inherently evil rats with hillarious names, massive bloody battel where a badger goes mental and then a big feast to celebrate


That sounds spot on.