Post an image which makes you feel really nostalgic



Love the cluttered design. Things are too sleek these days.


I loved the cynical but funny tone, the snark, the fact it mostly wasn't about what it said on the front, the incessant in-joking and the way it clung valiantly to a declining market because it was about people, maaaaaan.

DiS with coverdisks.






I swear life in general was better before graphics in games were so realistic.

And when TVs were a lot less HD.



Fuck. Camron, Raistlin (?) Some others I can't remember.




Sadly I can probably still do a stab at the whole bunch

original friends Tanis (human form of Tanthalasas), Sturm, Flint, Caramon, Raistlin, Tasslehoff, joined by Goldmoon and Riverwind and Tika, later to be joined by Laurana (Human form of Lauralanthalasa) and Gilthanas, plus Fizban.
Kitiara was part of the original group but she only showed up later as she went over to the dark side (as it were).

There are people I've met several times over the last year for work whose names I can't remember, but the characters from a book I last read at high school? yep, all over that.


I just looked at the wiki characters and it came flooding back. Think i read them when I was about ten.


It's a long time since I read any of them, but from memory the Chronicles Trilogy was generic fantasy stuff, but the Legends Trilogy seemed a much more personal story about sibling relationships and religion.


I've been trying to remember this up until literally just now. I was explaining it to my sister and I said, "you had to guide this badger along these trails", and it hit me!


always wanted one of these but was probably too young:

these were great:




disappointing, it always looked really fun.


Deadly game as a child, tempting to get it now and relive watching my dad play it


From the images I've posted so far you would imagine I spent a lot of time indoors as a child. And you would be right.