Post an image which makes you feel really nostalgic



You can see Evra’s card in the background there


Ours did not come with cards.


Shit. Serious nostalgia after googling those.


On the football theme -


I might’ve mentioned this before. I was watching top of the pops with a mate, mansun were on and he said “do you know the guitarist was in pugwall?”.

Some months later mansun were on top of the pops again and I said to him “there’s your man from pugwall again”
“really, is it?”
“yeah, you told me that”
“oh right, lol”


There’s a guy at work who spends a fucking fortune on them and every now and then will come in with carrier bags full of old ones to distribute amongst fellow employees, there are so many of them all over the office. Like I can literally see about 40 from where I’m sitting right at this moment.


I have an absolutely massive collection of these at my parents place. Me and my dad tried to make a Subbuteo-esque game with them - needless to say, it didn’t work…


The new ones are a lot smaller than they used to be


The power pod ones?


Soccer Starz


Ah I see! I cant remember, did the power pods come in a chocolate egg like Kinder?


Dunno, the original big heads were just sold individually weren’t they?


Yep individually or you could buy a full team set usually with a manager, I think…


For some reason I associate these with Bryan Roy


Apparently packs of four were also optional:



Get your own bangalores you lazy sod.


Fuck. How much does he spend on them I wonder? I’d love a set of Chelsea players from around 1995.


No idea, the amount he brings in to get rid of suggests it’s a lot though.


I seem to remember the packs being mystery though? Think I had a few Robbie Fowlers as a result