Post an image which makes you feel really nostalgic



I fucking loved that


I lived next to happy shopper 2 years ago and literally theres one at the top of my street now!





Saw someone with three of these yesterday, on the tube:



didn’t realise snobs had shut. Sad!


The old place has shut and they moved to a new place a few years ago. Not been since the move, I expect it’s still as grotty as before despite the sign saying ‘Bar and Grill’.


Just hag a mega flashback to this :heart_eyes:


This was my favourite thread of all time, before I read that as “golden bum nuggets”


The new version of this is a travesty.


This too



Used to love this game. Tbh though it was essentially a fancier snakes and ladders.


Looks amazing


I never had this, but really really really wanted it.


If you landed on certain squares, you could roll the glow in the dark plastic skull down the chimney. There were holes in the plastic castle, and it would roll out and knock your piece over, and you had to go back to the start. Especially when you got towards the end, it was likely you’d get pushed off the stairs and have to start again.

There was also a plastic axe that could fall on you.


Oh, sorry, the photo didn’t load and it looked like a game of polaroid snap.

I got Ghost Castle the same Christmas that my brother got MouseTrap. Half the fun was in building it, If I remember rightly.



Damn @system