Post an image which makes you feel really nostalgic




I picked up a fully intact version of this from a charity shop a couple of years ago for £2. Played about 10 games of it at my mum’s house that Christmas Day :sunglasses:


Or you just clicked reply on the wrong post…


hate this thread and hate nostalgia (or maybe I hate the love of nostalgia)

also really irked by the number of computer game stills itt



see also

the best


I had that one!

I also still have this book:

With my cousin I used to play an elaborate spy game, which was basically climbing down the bannisters and sneaking out of the back door using his walkie talkies. You had to exit the garden through the hedge. Roger. Over.


arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh that looks great, why didn’t I have it?


I’d forgotten all about this but I used to play it a lot with my sister. probs still got it in my parent’s loft somewhere. I remember we had this one too but can’t really recall the rules. think there were pictures on the bottom of the trees and you had to remember where they were or something


I’m sure there are plentiful second hand copes around.




Always assumed La Rochelle was a made up place until it was referenced in The Three Musketeers or something


Looks like a rubbish version of Lost Valley Of The Dinosaurs.


This book, which I borrowed from the library a lot as a kid pretty much any time there was a school play or fancy dress party or something, and now have my own copy of. I love the illustrations:


Reminds me of

which was great fun.


I used to go there a lot on holiday as a kid. They’ve got a big zoo. One time I was at the zoo, and there was a french guy strolling around with a baguette sticking out of the top of his rucksack. A giraffe spotted it, and grabbed the baguette and swallowed it whole.

There was also a guy in the city centre who had a trained cat who used to do tricks for money, with a little show where the cat would walk along a little tightrope.


Can sort of get behind this.



I had a version of this, probably a later edition called ‘How to be a Detective’, same publisher. I was bought it by my parents after I did well on a Parent’s Evening at school.

I then sold it to a friend in order to buy chocolate. :frowning:


Had a bunch of books like this:

Loved them!




Pick one up at the Scoltastic bookfair

I’d also use the opportunity to get buy some new Yikes pencils