Post an image which makes you feel really nostalgic



That was a particularly good one, if I remember properly. I was really, really into planes and also detective stuff, so it was a good crossover for me.


Think I’ve got all the usbourne puzzle adventures at my parents’ might re read them. Think there were some ‘advanced’ ones I might stand a chance with now



We had to use fountain pens at my school. You had to get permission to use those kind of pens, and then that was because you couldn’t write with a proper one.


we used those in primary school and then fountain pens in secondary school.


Just remembered what a big deal matching thermos lunch box and flask sets were in the 80s. Found this image of one I had and felt a ridiculous rush of nostalgia. Kids lunch boxes are shit these days in comparison


I had this transformers one:

And before that, this He-Man one:


I was one of the last to be allowed to write with one of those at primary school, because my handwriting was so shit. I’m guessing the teacher just gave up in the end and let me have one, or I’d still probably be using a pencil to this day.


I was allowed one for an afternoon and then got relegated back down to pencil again, fuck off Miss Dean.


Even when I used a pencil, they made me use one of these so I’d hold it properly


Probably could’ve done with one of those to tbh. It has been observed that I don’t hold my pen ‘properly’



These are fucking shit. They run out after like a week and dry out if the kids leave the lid off, which of course they fucking do


What is this? I remember those characters.


Anthony browne’s books! This series was about a chimp called willy


Willy The Wimp

Weedy gorilla gets respect and the girl by going bodybuilding…





Ah, that is quite the blast from the past!