Post an image which makes you feel really nostalgic





I remember that place, I went there once in 2012 at Fresher’s Week when I was at Birmingham Uni. I remember it cause I had a massive crush on one of the people I went there with :heart_eyes_cat:

I don’t know why I didn’t go there more than once, seemed like a decent club.


video game near-water locations special









Thanks to this thread I just tried to find some Leicester City Corinthian figures on eBay. They only have Denis Wise and Andy Impey ffs




If only we knew how right they were. :wink:




Oh wow


Yikes! Pencils your parents won’t swipe!

Is it just me or did the TV ad for that go to the tune of Gold by Spandau Ballet?



Hooge in Germany.

They are called Die Drei and people read the stories out in packed stadiums.



Yeah, I was so surprised when I discovered how big a deal they are there.

The films only exist because of the German fanbase. Fascinating phenomenon.