Post an image which makes you feel really nostalgic




I had a phobia of this show



I still remember how exciting it was when we got these out (maybe once a term). There were planks you could put in between the bars and everything!


We had benches with hooks underneath that you could attach to the bars to make walkways, like this:


We had those, and also just the top bench bit separately. Massively nostalgic now, because of a bench.




It seemed so easy to climb to the top of the rope. now that would be a massive struggle to lift my big bod.


There is absolutely no chance that I could do it now, though I was a pretty spoddy kid so I don’t know if I could even have done it then.


I have never more than dangled from a rope


I might get back into climbing but only ropes. Not walls. Never walls.




I was at this gig 17 years ago today.



green day aye?


Well spotted.