Post and parcels

How much post you getting these days?
everything is paperless innit so just junk and parcels…?

how often do you get parcels delivered…? weekly?
chat encouraged. someone with more talent than I make some polls or something.

Life’s pretty boring really isn’t it

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just the 60% of it I spend at work :expressionless:

I live by the post. Order a lot off of and probably make 2-3 post office trips a week to post records and whatnot i’ve sold on discogs.


decent website tbh

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I get a few letters per week I reckon. if I’m lucky one of them will be for me or my wife rather than the previous people who lived here or random people we have no idea about.

we rarely get parcels tbh, more often that we get parcels for next door cos they’re out. they never come and collect them either, have to take them to them. Next time I might just keep it forever.

The yellow pages just popped through my letterbox


Sorry we missed you. We have left your parcel with a neighbour

  • That’s fine :slightly_smiling_face:
  • FFFFUUUUUU :rage:

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Not much. Get some stuff delivered to work if it’s not gonna fit through our letterbox.

Currently waiting on a handblebar bag thing for me bicycle.

I get some coffee beans delivered once a fortnight, that was probably the last bit of proper post I got (on Monday).

think the only proper post left for me is water bill, council stuff - voting slips etc and the flats management company letters.

obviously so much better than the sorting office. this isn’t even a question

At least the sorting office answer the door when they are obviously in!!!

Had to go to the collection office on Monday for a parcel.

Going to pick up 2 (TWO) parcels later. Quite excited.

I regularly drop off treats for the lads in the mail room at work as thanks for the job they do - including receiving delivery of the regular additions to my vinyl collection, as well as various household items from Amazon or where ever. They only stuff that goes to my home address are some magazine subscriptions (most of them Clive’s) and a propaganda sheet from the local council paid for by our council tax money.

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I get tipsy and order shite from amazon most nights, so kind of daily at the moment :joy: Except I usually get them sent to my parents as somebody is always in there. However, I have just two minutes ago had to go onto amazon to change one of my orders to make a delivery preference that says ‘leave it round the back porch’ as I just realised that one of my parcels for today is accidentally coming to our house, and I’ve locked the storm doors this morning.

Thank goodness none of you know where I live, or else I would be getting robbed of my nice new mascara.

I make a bit of side cash from eBay / Depop so I get deliveries 3 or 4 times a week, but the building I live in has had broken buzzers for about 18 months, so at the end of every week I have to go and collect a stack of parcels from the collection centre.

I also go to the post office at least three times a week to post stuff. Used to dread it until I discovered click and drop, now it’s lovely.

Deep inside me there’s a 15 year old who used to spend all his spare time running around and playing PlayStation who despises me for turning my spare time into a light retail / customer service job


Click and Drop has improved my life immeasurably. No more queuing at the post office. :smile:

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had something the other day where I noticed the postcode on the delivery address was wrong, and it’s the postcode for a different road with the same name as ours but more central to the nearest city than our suburb

surely the post office would deliver it to the right suburb if that’s written on the address & not just be slaves to the postcode I thought to myself after I’d noticed?

would they bollards.
have written to that address with my mobile no
no response.
going to have to go round aren’t it?
(it’s a small limited edition item)