Post-Ashes cricket thread 🦗



I’m torn to be honest - I’m not sure what is the right punishment. I’m disgusted with them all, especially now we are hearing sandpaper was involved! FUCKING SANDPAPER!! So more lies from that stupid press conference

So all in really I think probably taking a hit for the culture in general, on top of this act


Warner and Bancroft cooked - Smith the great redemption story!

We are all quick to turn on Warner - Bancroft the patsy of the story


Cricket Australia have gone and taken this a bit too far and spoiled some of the enjoyment.

Which is reminiscent of the Australian Cricket Team, so to be expected really I guess.


As much as I love ribbing the ozzies and all that this is tremendously sad.


Never thought in a million years I’d feel sorry for Smith but… Fuck.


I know he’s only got himself to blame but it’s a real shame not to get to see him and Warner bat for a year (cannot believe I’ve just typed that).


Lehmann’s gone too. Stepping down.


Ooft that’s big!


Honestly, as hard as that is to watch (and it is pretty heartbreaking), I still don’t have much in the way of sympathy for him at all.

Yes, perhaps in part he’s being punished for the sins for some of those that went before him and yes, perhaps the punishment is a little on the harsh side - but when confronted with the evidence it felt as though he was being contrite for getting caught rather than the act of collusion itself.

Good to see Lehmann has fallen (been quietly persuaded to fall) upon his sword. Long overdue.


I just can’t deal with Smith’s press conference

too much now


The face they claimed it was tape covered in grit was always a bit odd, if you’re going to lie and say it wasn’t sandpaper but something less severe why on earth would you invent that???

Unless of course that’s what you usually use


Bancroft’s press conference admitting the sandpaper lie just lost him for me


Hopefully tomorrow we can all go back to enjoying watching Australia lose to South Africa


Oh I totally agree with you and I think the banning is correct intellectually, just hard not to be moved emotionally watching that for me.


yeah that was really rough, i absolutely do feel for the lad. got a bit teary* listening to him on the radio… it’s worn off a bit with the span of his captaincy but i remember thinking he was a really likeable and sincere fella as he was on his rise.

* also teared up listening to teenage dirtbag by wheatus today so it might just be me being a bit wet.


this page is gold right now



it doesn’t even have to be particularly well thought out


Find the whole ‘Bancroft is a small child who got taken advantage of’ a bit off, considering the other side of the argument is that literally no one apart from smith and Warner were involved.

Logic follows that If Bancroft was that worried he could literally have asked anyone else from lehmann down for help then?


Grammar also makes it seem unlikely. A"leadership group "surely has to consist of at least three people.

Otherwise it’s a leadership pair