Post-Ashes cricket thread 🦗



Warner has a presser tomorrow, promises to be interesting!


Contrite admission of wrongdoing and a full apology for the way he’s acted over the years :-1:


Bitter knobhead going down swinging, burning down anyone and everything he can :+1:


It will be the latter


We can but hope.


:-1: :-1: :-1:

did not enjoy


Well, I’m not sure I would say interesting. But Dave Warner has just made it very easy for the press/ Australian public to blame him entirely for this.


Yep bit of a non event really


I think probably because he is thinking about taking things further legally, as the punishments are pretty harsh.
He also probably feels he has been made out to be more culpable in the press than he actually was, so is much more on the defensive than the other players.
But unfortunately for him the narrative has already been dictated and this probably only supported it in making him out to be the unremorseful bad guy.

Said probably a lot of times there…


Hard to remember there is still a test match going

Australia are performing accordingly


great bunch of name


mercy is for the weak


Hope they’ve got the hi-viz balls ready and players have got their fleeces at Edgbaston tomorrow. It’s not been above 6 degrees or more than 200 yards visibility the last couple of days. Cricket season must be here!



lancs have their best side in ages. looking forward to all our home games being washouts.

hopefully this warm weather turns up at the weekend so i can go and get the first sunburn of the season.


Anyone doing the fantasy county cricket this year? No? Just me again. Ok, bye then.


Got in precisely zero Championship cricket last year due to work and the Bears generally being terrible not being much of an incentive. Plenty of time off on weekdays this year so hoping to make the most of it, especially if we get any decent weather.Hopefully we’ll have a decent season of it this year in Div 2.


god just imagining bell climbing into the gloucestershire or leicestershire attacks is making me happy. probably average 34 on the year tho eh.


Managed to get to the day Trott made a century at the oval. I had to leave at the tea break, with Trott on 99*. Seems apt in hindsight. Some lean years ahead for Warks I fear. I did get a bears top on my stag-do though, so comme ci comme ça


I’m back on the band wagon. England’s ill fated jaunt to the southern hemisphere means we’re starting the season with mountains of pressure being heaped on anyone in the early 20’s whose ever hit 90mph in a county game. Good to see youth getting crushed right out the gate.

Plenty of pressure on the batsmen too, with no one in England’s top 3 looking sharp. I think if the current crop do come good early doors we might even see Cook hang up his gloves, with Stoneman holding his place to provide consistency.


Here’s your champs, no doubt about it. Actually there’s some doubt, but I did get up to 2nd in the wickets league last year before fading to about 12th at the end. Ran out of transfers, as per.


This is my working arrangement.

We’re both backing DI again this year I see. I always wonder if he’s got another season in him, but given Kent are so depleted this season I think he’s going to have to find one regardless. The question of whether I Ron Bell can keep going is an interesting one. You’d expect him to cash in hard in Div. 2 but I’m still skeptical. Robinson is an interesting shout. Has the potential to be a really solid pro for Sussex and good value for the points. No idea who Mennie and Worrall are so I’ll have to look them up.