Post-Ashes cricket thread 🦗



You’ve got about 2 minutes to change it, but Mahmood isn’t in the squad, and Gubbins is hurt.


Cheers! With the weather the way it is it may all be moot but I’ve made some changes.


big talk that saq mahmood has put on another couple of yards over the summer, won’t be long til he’s prematurely called up and thrown on the shit heap after two tests.


It was that chat that had him as my outside pick. Wanted to cash in before England got to him.

Surrey are playing Cambridge today and have selected four allrounders and four bowlers. What is out continuing obsession with allrounders. It’s getting absurd.


oh yeah, you see i skipped right past the fantasy squads because I have self respect. :kissing_smiling_eyes: (I don’t really)


I have liked your post, but I must tell you that it is a like of ANGER.


Stone making in a good impression in a game that (slightly oddly, given that they’re still behind) I think only Sussex can win now. Wee bit concerned how many of the wickets appear to be bad decisions/early season rust, which Dobell is claiming could be due to pace… I dunno.

Dobell can be very good, but he’s also worryingly one-eyed on a few topics (certain players’ quality, and his comments on the Stokes situation was gross)

No scores over 300 from any team yet…


Well Mennie’s doing great work for you. Not sure he can save the situation for Lancs but he is trying.

After your warning about Gubbins on Friday I swapped the Middlesex batsmen for a Middlesex exile and picked Higgins, which worked out rather well!


Read a thing on central contracts before. What do people reckon?

  • Scrap central contracts completely
  • Keep for test cricket only
  • Keep
  • Other option (please explain below…)

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Beautifully understated. Asking a bit much to prevent them reaching ten, I feel. But he is giving it a good go!

Mixed results for me so far. Not a bad start for my main team, and my wickets team is riding high in 28th. Not so great for my runs team, which is not that surprising seeing as there are no runs.


My other is that central contracts seem to be fine in principle, but they use them to restrict England players to almost comical levels. Batsmen in particular get “rested” when they could do with playing games, county bowlers could get better by bowling against them, and spectators might actually turn up to watch Joe Root batting rather than, say, Harry Brook.

There was a ridiculous situation last year (year before? Can’t remember) when Johnny Bairstow was prevented from playing despite having played about three days of cricket in months.

So… my vote is Keep, but let the players actually play more.


They can get stupid as well, there was a Lancs v Durham game last year or the year before when Stokes and Anderson were both available, but Anderson only for 2 days. Nonsense


Can’t see the logic in essentially a 16-over game. Do think a lot of crossover football fans, office workers and general yuppies might go for the city teams thing, but it all just sounds a bit shit to me.


Honestly, I’m not against it. T20 end of cricket is ridiculous anyway and shortening it to ENsure it fits into a 3 hour slot is no more absurd than anything that’s gone before. Whether it will still be even vaguely interesting to watch will depend on whether it makes the target audience happy. They’ll come for spectacle and gin, and that can be delivered in 200 balls.


I don’t really tend to take a lot of interest in T20 aside from attending the very occasional game if friends are going. I wouldn’t go on my own where I would to a one day or day of a Championship match.

I can’t imagine myself watching anything of the new competition either live or on telly. It doesn’t interest me but I can see the appeal for broadcasters and advertisers etc.

So long as the purer longer form of the game survives alongside it for me to spend my retirement enjoying, and I think there will always be a market for it, then I’ll happilly ignore the crash-bang-wallop circus stuff.


This is some bullshit innit.



Kinda stuck this in the wrong thread.


For me T20 is a social occasion and sometimes a ‘feat of strenght’ type contest. I go with my wife’s family and it’s a very relaxed way to meet up and hang out. Sometimes you’ll see something really dramatic - some great hitting, a big collapse, or a immaculate last over, and it is vaguely exciting, but you know so much of it is chance that its hard to really invest in long term. A last ball 6 to win is exciting but ultimately meaningless.

Perhaps I’m wrong but it seems like T100 (the rubbish cricketing Terminator?) is just a more convenient, equally popcorn invention as T20. Can it really be any worse?

This is everything. If I don’t get to retire to watching country cricket I will be livid.


The city teams thing means I won’t be paying any attention at all, not living in any of the selected cities. I normally go and watch Glos play a T20 a couple of times a year in Bristol but cba with a 90 minute round trip to Cardiff for three hours of cricket (and nothing to drink either if I’m driving)


I think people are more annoyed about doing away with the traditional county teams and playing it along city lines than the silliness of a ten-ball final over.

I quite like T20. I’m not a traditional cricket fan outside of the Ashes, or at a push West Indies v England tests for sentimental reasons, but expect i will be when i’m older and have successfully weened myself off professional football.

The Lancs/Yorks games are a sporting highlight every year. The ground’s packed and it’s a great night out. The reasons other games aren’t always packed out, in my opinion, are largely down to the scheduling. It certainly isn’t a cost issue, season tickets are £70. I’d guess attendences at games i’ve been to have been between anywhere from about 80% full providing they’re on a Friday night, to a third full if it’s midweek and or a bit miserable.

I’m probably in the minority, but i prefer a more spaced-out competition. Putting your hand in your pocket on, say, a Friday then a Sunday, or even on consecutive weekends for some people can be a bit too much. The appetite for limited overs cricket’s there, but the people who organise it seem a bit off the pace.

I probably couldn’t be arsed going out of my way to watch a Manchester T100 side that’s essentially Lancashire’s team playing in Lancashire’s ground. Seems a bit pointless, but…