Post-Ashes cricket thread 🦗



I do wonder if Malan will move to 3, but really however you stack it that batting line-up looks brittle. Chock full of runs but quite brittle too. I think Smith has decided it’s now or never for Buttler in red ball cricket and he’s such a talent I can’t argue with trying it. I think keeping this group together for the summer will be informative and entertaining at the very least.

As to the bowling, I suspect Wood might start for the same reason as Buttler - to see if this is a genuine quick we want to try and fold into the team, or do we look at someone younger. Either way I think Bess will play too. Reckon we need a spinner at Lord’s.


England are obsessed with fast bowling. Wood has an average of 42 in tests, and has never taken more than 3 in an innings. But because he bowls a bit faster than others, he’s always in the shake-up. He’s taken 139 first class wickets at 29 in his career. Compare that with someone like Jamie Porter at Essex, who is 24 and has 225 wickets at 24, and was leading wicket taker for the county champions last year. Or Ben Coad who is also 24 and has 78 wickets at 20. But they’re not express, unlike the two highest ever pace wicket takers in test cricket, Anderson and McGrath…

The ECB seem convinced that bowling analyses will one day read something like 8-0-42-0-bowled7at90+mph! The attitude seems to be that at test level you can only discomfit batsmen with real pace, when in most cases it’s the opposite - real pace alone doesn’t actually bother test batsmen, continual line, length, seam and swing (Hi Vernon Philander!) is a complete nightmare to face.

Although I do actually like Mark Wood and hope he does well. :+1:


Agree with both - can see Malan being the next nasser, in terms of digging in and making it as hard as possible to get his wicket. And you just can’t give up on Buttler yet, especially given the paucity of options. I feel the same about Hales tbh, especially when Cook retires/gets dropped.

Yeah, figure it’ll be Wood given the conditions, although Bess would be interesting. Tough start vs Pakistan or India though


I like Wood, think his main issue is coming back from injuries all the time.

I do think first class is different to test match in a couple of ways, and being able to bowl fast (as in 87+) or see off fast bowling is a big one. Teams with a couple of guys who can bowl at 90, even if a bit spray gun, have such a good card in their pocket when the pitch is a bit flat and the ball goes dead.


This is great chaps:


enjoyed that (surprisingly!)


You a kiwi ken? I can never remember.


Agreed, though I doubt Wood’ll actually play this test, even with it being an early season test match I doubt they’ll want to go in without a spinner.

Honestly can’t see Stoneman or Malan ever really making it at test level. Almost wish they’d stop making the occasional gritty 50 which seem to keep them in the side. I know Malan did alright in Australia but he struggled against the moving ball both here against SA and away in NZ. Given they’re both over 30 and have had a fair run in the team, would surely make sense to give younger in-form players a go (Foakes has been in and around the squad for a while, Joe Clarke at Worcestershire’s making runs and been hotly tipped).

The lack of viable alternatives for Stoneman as opener is definitely a concern but I’m sure that’s partly to do with how difficult it is to get in as an opener in county cricket in April/May, when so many of the four-day matches are. The first round of games in early April was ridiculous, there were hardly any innings totals over 200.


nah, I’m a brummie (next best thing)


It’s mad how few openers there are to choose from, isn’t it? Stoneman is in by default really. Those opening the batting in the last round of Div 1 Championship matches included Lees (not really an opener), Lyth (already ruined by England), Mullaney (not really an opener), Jennings (already ruined by England), Renshaw (Australian), Libby (?), Weatherley (??) and Byrom (???).

I guess Gubbins is the next likely to be tried, but there’s really very little chance of anyone called Gubbins making a successful test career.


Haha the headlines write themselves for Gubbins don’t they.

Fucking wish we could pick Renshaw, he’s just so clearly got both the technique and the temperament. Born in the north east too!


He’s unlikely to play international cricket any time soon, so hardly a replacement for Stuart Binny, but could I introduce you to Nepalese wicketkeeper and Province Number 1’s finest, Sunny Pun?


Got a bright future ahead of him, he will rise in the east. Etc.


The second greatest ever cricketer whose name is a mixture of wordplay and weather, after New Zealand leg spinner Misty Scrabble.


Lancs very nearly chased down 380 in the One-Day Cup yesterday. Didn’t bother going and them and Yorkshire shared about 740 runs. Standard.


Cricket is a daft game, especially for batsmen. Since Jos Buttler returned he’s scored 14, 67 and 80*. Hence there’s been a load of articles this week about his glorious return to the team, his new found maturity, well done Ed Smith for picking him etc.

Only… he was dropped egregiously early in the 80. If that had been taken as it should have it would have been 14, 67 and 4, and the conversation is completely different.

Works both ways though, you have to make the most of it when it goes for you and he’s definitely a huge talent so I hope he does kick on. Shows what a fine line it is for batsmen though.


Fans of cricketing oddities, form an orderly queue.

The Malaysian women’s team have been in T20 action today (I am regrettably unable to provide much insight into their team) against the might of Thailand. They made a total of just 36, but they were NOT BOWLED OUT. 36/8 off 20 overs. S Tippoch went for 3 runs off her 4 overs.


changes out of England odi top just in case


Ooft! NZ’s teenage bowler Amelia Kerr breaks women’s ODI batting record. (An absolutely insane team performance to get 440/3 with the batting lineup jigged so that Devine didn’t play and Bates didn’t bat).