Post-Ashes cricket thread 🦗



Apparently they just changed that law to make it easier to be given out obstructing field (e.g. batsman changes direction to run between fielder and stumps - if he gets hit in a runout attempt, it’s obstructing field).

This law just looks silly though. Even with the law as written, the batsman isn’t doing anything wrong. There’s an arguable case that he was out under the law, but totally against the spirit and the appeal should not have been made.

Good to see the keeper/captain (who made the appeal) scored 2 off 17 and the Windies lost.

In other news, South Africa can win without Steyn, and Kenya’s U19s refused to chase 436 against NZ and just batted out the overs, scoring 190 for 4.


He’s been charged with affray which is a lesser offence than ABH or GBH isn’t it? I’d expect him to receive a community order rather than a custodial one.


i thought affray was a different category of charge from assaults, rather than a lesser one. like there are different gradations of affray as their are different gradations of assault -common/abh/gbh.

could well be talking rot though.


Oh it carries a maximum sentence of 3 years’ imprisonment. But ABH (which is what he was arrested for) is a five year maximum sentence. In short: no idea.


yup :man_shrugging: me too

tbf i don’t think he’d have done time on an abh charge either, just proper surprised that the ecb are happy to have him playing rather than wait another few months to get it settled.


Limited view this time, but actually might win…


Enjoy! I just got back from a nice sunny day at the Basin. Century for Guptill, Rosco breaking the NZ record for most scores over 50, Pakistan collapse and then fightback with some tasty hitting from the tail. Mohammad Nawaz and Shadab Khan look like decent young spinners, but the Pakistan top order looks seriously weak. 5-0 sweep for the hosts.


loving all these close-ups of a rather exasperated Smith


This is beautiful.


ODI’s are the real quiz right?


Probably the best thing about cricket right?


Be really funny if we won after being 8-5. Won’t happen like but pretty decent recovery


In other news:


Hero Woakes!



Typing this live from the Wellington T20. Pitch was supposed to be rubbish and there was talk of dropping Kane. He just made 72 and we’ve got 180. England need to #learnfielding, truly dreadful drop and missed runout, albeit alongside a one handed stunner from Jordan


Some more weirdly lax fielding in this games.

Stokes/Curran combo looking like it’ll be great at the death for years to come.


Trying to decide if I CBA to get out of bed to watch the end of this.


Been a good game, swung back and forth a lot. NZ only had two batsmen though, credit to the English bowlers for sticking at it. Woakes has looked tasty.


Not sure about WASP - 44 off 30 balls and it only gives NZ a 21% chance? Sure, 6 down but still some big hitting left. Oooh, Rashid on. Big call.


Pretty much over now… I think.