Post-Ashes cricket thread 🦗



Hmm maybe not.


Williamson you plank


YESSS good batting there Fish-man


Woah, really good game. Was convinced England had it when Rashid got Taylor. Was not expecting Mitch to be the saviour.

That’s 3 good games in a row NZ-Eng. Really glad to have you guys here after the most boring and one-sided home season in memory (Windies and Pakistan were so bad that we were actively cheering for them in the hope of a decent game).


Just got round to watching the highlights for the first two matches. Santner’s a useful player to have in your lower order, a shame it looks like he’s pinging it.

Ferguson is an interesting bowler. Runs up like he’s going to bowl a bit of medium pace and then the speed gun says 140+.


More people should be watching and discussing this series because it is epic.

Dingers being hummed at Dunedin, as a badly injured Ross Taylor, barely able to run, swings his bat at everything. Commentator: “Fortune favours the brave, and he is so brave”.

Other commentator: “if you’re waking up in England at the moment, don’t go to work”. So there you have it. Great advices.

Belated reply to @JohnM - yeah, Lockie is an interesting one. Doesn’t look like much, but he’s actually a really useful bowler, can get above 150 which is faster than any of our others.


Incredible from Ross Taylor here.


Wonderful innings from Taylor. As an England supporter I’m glad he won’t be fit for the decider! Why do we still let Woakes bowl at the end of an innings - he always chokes!!


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That was unbelievable. 20th highest score of all-time, highest by a New Zealander that isn’t called Martin Guptill. Really feel for Bairstow that his great innings was in defeat (like Kane a few days ago I guess). Fingers crossed for sunshine in Christchurch for the decider.

(Really liking this England team now, by the way. Will be very hard to beat at home in the World Cup).


I’d love to watch it, but the time difference makes it close to impossible. Watched us roar to about 240/1 last night, went to bed happy in the knowledge that, unless we lost something like 6 for 21, we were going to get to somewhere near 400. Disappointing morning, all told.


and you fucked it up

and you ffffucked it up!


My feeling exactly when PBIN play in England…always think “ooh, I could get up at 4 or 5 and watch the conclusion!”. Never do.


just seen the cricinfo headline go from ‘all eyes on taylor ahead of series decider’ to ‘taylor ruled out of series decider’ before my very eyes. gutter.

got 4 cans of zywiec and a pizza on route.


Still can’t get Skygo to work…


In non PBIN-Eng news, David Warner remains an unutterable fuckhead, doesn’t he?




surely all these people weren’t talking out their arses?


Not wildly enthused by the NZ middle order, but hopefully Mark Chapman can step up and Nicholls can justify my blind faith.

(Aside: was in Auckland for the match in my home town of Wellington - for a festival but still- and flew to Dunedin the day after the match here. Idiot dickhead)


Can England conspire to lose from here?