Post-Ashes cricket thread 🦗



I suspect not. Dominant performance.


Love you Jonny


That catch on the boundary was ridiculous


I know Warner is a dick and all, and a terrible sledger who’s always starting it BUT I do think bringing his wife into it is a bit much, but of course it’s an easy mark to set Warner off

But now this Sonny Bill mask thing is way over the top - really shits me


Is there more to it than “your wife used to shag SBW”? Before she was his wife? The masks are pretty over the top though.


More related to the nature, location of SBW and Candice’s drunken tryst

Happened a long time ago now


Absolutely don’t condone it and these people are clearly absolutely dickheads but I hope this makes David Warner reconsider his own behaviour. Even now he is ‘mature’ he is at the centre of this sort of behaviour far too often. I feel much worse for his wife than I ever could for him, having this stuff dragged into the public eye again.


I can sort of understand it popping up in the middle in the heat of the moment if warner was giving some out, just like I found it hard to hate ramdin for what went on with mcgrath.

but yeah the masks are horrible and the CSA people who stopped security from confiscating then should be fucked off.


Really dire stuff all round. Proper race to the bottom, playground stuff. But since it is the playground, Warner can take the blame, because he started it, always.


I read this article recently about the decline of Afro-Caribbean cricket in the UK. Excellent stuff.






Those fine bastions of honesty in the game, keepers of the spirit of cricket, the epitome of hard but fair play, the Australian cricket team, caught absolutely bang to rights this afternoon tampering with the ball. Cameron Bancroft the man in question, clearly using an object on the ball, equally clearly stuffing something yellow down his pants when called over by the umpires. It was obvious enough that even Allan Border called it very suspicious, and Warne has called on them to own up.

You can’t tell me that Smith and Lehmann had no idea it was going on either, but I’m sure they’ll be claiming ignorance later on. Already needly this series, not going to get any less so now. They’ve also been complaining about the crowd - if that pot gets any blacker it’ll suck in all light.


is it sandpaper!?

stereotypically crude bit of cheating there if so.


So we won the ashes?


Yep, and it’s been agreed that in further recompense for years of poor Australian behaviour, Prince George will kick the Australian prime minister up the arse.


Well they can kiss goodbye to that tenuous hold they were hoping to get on the moral high ground. I’m amazed by Smith in particular, to risk throwing away your reputation for some minor gains in one innings in a match they’re almost certainly going to lose anyway. Bizarre decision.


Test cricket really needed this series some great play, needle and controversy.

Having AB back is icing on cake


Utterly disgusted in my captain and my team



Doesn’t Smith’s response boil down to “the senior players thought about cheating, decided to cheat, and then made one of the juniors do it?”. Pure class, that.