Post-Ashes cricket thread 🦗



I find the response in the press conference reeks of ‘we are sorry we got caught’

I think Lehmann is all in it too

Cricket Australia CEO presser in a couple of hours, should be interesting


I look forward to Steve Smith continuing as captain following this.

Every member of the ‘leadership group’ who decided Bancroft should do it should get banned, but I assume won’t.


Yes, this business of the sub coming out from the dressing room to have a word is deeply fishy. Definitely looks like Lehman knew about it.


Maybe they realise Cricket Australia probably won’t drop Steve Smith but almost definitely would just fire Darren Lehman and hire someone else? He probably has more to lose than the players.


Whether he knew or not surely he should take the fall to save others?


Well the tone of this presser suggests heads will roll

Be interesting to see the follow through from CA on this


If Smith’s head isn’t one of those that rolls it will be a shambles.


The tone of every former Australian cricketer who wants to get involved seems to suggest the same, which might be even more damning.


I’m surprised Smith has dumped the leadership group in it with him, should’ve taken all the shit himself. Now if Smith is stood down, how can they possibly go to one of this group to take the job??? Probably end up with a Marsh brother as captain!!

I think Lehman will be the lamb, Smith suspended at least - I think he can’t possibly stay as captain


Shaun Marsh probably has what 2 years max left as a regular for Australia? He could be a good stand in whilst Steve Smith is publicly rehabilitated and can then contritly take over the captaincy again after he has learnt his lesson.


I think Tim Paine could be a chance too

I’m just so pissed off with this whole situation - stink all over it!


Yeah probably a decent shout. Don’t really see who else it could be unless Lyon isn’t a part of the leadership group.


Lyon is right in the group, as is Warner

Potentially Hazlewood and/or Starc as well


Australian government has asked the board to remove Smith (!)


Back when all the stuff with Maxwell went down Lyon wasn’t and Hazlewood and Starc definitely were, so I was going off that.



Here’s the ASC statement -

“The ASC condemns cheating of any form in sport. The ASC expects and requires that Australian teams and athletes demonstrate unimpeachable integrity in representing our country," the ASC said in a statement.
"The Australian cricket team are iconic representatives of our country. The example they set matters a great deal to Australia and to the thousands of young Australians playing or enjoying the sport of cricket and who look up to the national team as role models.
“Given the admission by Australian captain Steve Smith, the ASC calls for him to be stood down immediately by Cricket Australia, along with any other members of the team leadership group or coaching staff who had prior awareness of, or involvement in, the plan to tamper with the ball. This can occur while Cricket Australia completes a full investigation.”


Absolute giddy pig in Shit stuff this. Glorious


The reaction is becoming as daft as the incident itself. Yep, they cheated, ineffectively, and got caught. Punishments will be needed, some suspensions, and everyone involved should be extremely embarrassed. But it’s only ball tampering. Such luminaries as Waqar Younis, Mike Atherton, Sachin Tendulkar and recently Faf du Plessis have all been caught doing various things to the ball which they shouldn’t. It’s not up there with match fixing.

To me the scale of the reaction had more to do with the holier than thou attitude of the Australian players beforehand - everyone was enjoying a tasty plate of schadenfreude. There’s really no need for the Prime Minister to weigh in. And for him to claim “It seemed completely beyond belief that the Australian cricket team had been involved in cheating.” Well, it isn’t completely beyond my belief to find ANY professional sports team cheating, never mind a team as hard-nosed and committed to pushing the “line” as far as possible as the Aussie cricket team.


Bit annoying cos I exactly kind of liked Steve Smith as far as Australians go.


Really? This isn’t a view I have ever shared