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Yeah, it’s possible. What are restraint of trade laws like in Aus?


Also had one of my own personal on-going curiosities pretty much satisfied - he’s a good cricket writer, but appears Lawrence Booth is a bit of a bellend. I usually give sportswriters the benefit of the doubt when they go to the Mail or Sun etc (Booth went from the Guardian to the Mail), as I realise sports journalism is slightly separate to the rest of the paper, and a job’s a job.

But the relish and mean-spirited articles he’s come out with - ‘David Warner, the most disliked player in the world’s most disliked team’. You’re supposed to be the editor of Wisden, mate, have a bit of class and less of the hit pieces yeah? It’s just shooting fish in a barrel at this point anyway.


Hard to tell until all the details come out but I would assume Cricket Australia haven’t done this so they can fuck off round the world playing Twenty20 and getting rich.


Not a good source but;


You were correct.

But the IPL appears to have banned them anyway.


Yep IPL contracts torn up

And Warner never eligible again for a captaincy role for Australia

Be very surprised if he ever comes back in now


Yeah, Jim Maxwell was the first one to come out with this crap view.


Great stuff. Very funny


2nd best batsmen in history being banned by his own country during the peak of his career for overseeing ineffective cheating in a game they would’ve lost anyway:

  • Amusing
  • Del boy falling through the bar hilarious

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See I know this is objectively true but I just can’t get past the fact that I’m my mind he’s the massively ineffectual leg spinning all rounder who cluttered up the Australian late middle order many years ago. I mean I KNOW he’s not that player any more but in my head he’s going to make a shaky twenty and throw down a few overs of utter pies.


Ooft take that Descartes!


George Berkeley eat your heart out.


Feeling like this has all got way harsher than I was expecting; when did we start treating tampering so seriously? It was rampant back in the day, and just sort of shrugged at. e.g. NZ turning Chris Pringle into a world-leading exponent of reverse swing with a few digs with a bottle top, no-one really cared and captain Crowe went down in history as our GOAT.

So for this to be career-ending, potentially? Feels a bit sad. (Especially for Bancroft, who, like Trevor Chappell before him, becomes a victim of instructions from senior players who should know better).


It’s the combination of the act itself (not so bad, but ultimately cheating), Australian sporting culture in general, the rampant hypocrisy and 30+ years of “mental disintegration”. Smith is having to pay for the sins of past generations to an extent.


True, and don’t think I’m not sick of their constant whining about how mean all the other countries are (it’s funny how they can condemn both NZ and Saffa crowds for being nasty to their players, and yet when NZ-SA play there’s a great mutual respect; same for NZ-Eng. It’s almost as if the problem might not be those countries. Not to mention the fact that in the world cup NZ were simultaneously too mean and too nice - the Aussies complained about both).


I wouldn’t suggest England are whiter than white, but what do we think would have happened to the respective individuals had it been us, say Bayliss, Root and…Cook? Obviously the personalities are a bit different, but for the sake of arguing, could you imagine them not sacking the coach sharpish?

I find it fucking amazing that one of the three senior people involved hasn’t taken it all on the chin to save the others, and moreso Bancroft.


England equivalent would be something like root stokes, bayliss, and say malan.

The latter 2 would disappear forever, stokes would take a lot of flak because of his history and get some form of ban and root would lose the captaincy but be back in the team pretty sharpish I’d imagine


‘What the fuck is going on?’ - Darren Lehmann walkie talkie - apparently


“Cricket Australia has to throw the book at them - this is disgraceful - Unaustralian!!! - we want blood!!! - ARGHHHH!!!”

  • CA hands down sanctions -

“Steady on now, that’s a bit harsh, at least two of them are good blokes!”

Most Australians today, especially some of the journos and pundits


What do you think about the sanctions PCN, about right or a bit draconian?

Can you see a way back for Warner?