Post-Ashes cricket thread 🦗

Thought we could have a new thread as we’re switching into the ODI/T20 mode for a bit (apologies to any India/South Africa fans; test chat is #allowed).

Yer man Roy is quite good at hitting the old cricket ball, eh?

New Zealand achieve two of the 50 biggest winning margins ever, in the space of four games. Anticipating a good series against England.

Look who Australia have got for their U-19 squad. (Hot U-19 World Cup action underway in provincial NZ as we speak.

Afghanistan beat Pakistan, sparking a pitch invasion from 100s of fans (there are 100s of Afghanis in NZ? I had no idea).

Spent today at the Basin Reserve watching Wellington get thrashed. Jesse Ryder again making a hatful of runs and reminding everyone how sad it is that discipline keeps him out of the NZ side.

Mostly let’s just discuss England crushing the smug yellowshirts, eh?

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I hear you. Maybe wait until it’s a foregone conclusion and tune in for the glorious moments of victory?

Playing Zampa… Does Nathan Lyon have some pressing luncheon appointment or something?

They never really pick Lyon for one-dayers, unfairly so

Why doesn’t Roy play in the tests? Surely do better than Vince or Stoneman

Spoilers, we will lose to New Zealand

I think it’ll be competitive, but this is a very good NZ side (world cup finalists, after all), with a lot of depth, playing at home. It won’t be easy for you.

(Glad to wake up having posted about Roy when he was on 48* and see he made 180).

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We’ve had results in most tests recently - the only exception being two against S Africa that were rain-affected. The Basin Reserve pitch was flat as a road for the Bangladesh match last year, but England aren’t playing there. The main issue would be the weather - the tests are in March/April, which could be dodgy. Would really like a 3 match series but I guess there’s no money in it.

It’s around $110 for a match pass, which is decent. Less if you’re a registered supporter (which is free).
The Auckland match looks to be selling well - most of the premium seats are sold out for four-day passes.

But yeah, we’re not getting big crowds. There’s been a general decline in sports attendance here, provincial rugby is down a lot too. Only the All Blacks can regularly sell out.

Is Colin the new Mitch? Munro and de Grandhomme hit fast 50s to take the Black Caps home again after Pakistan put us under some pressure. Kane Williamson the pick of the bowlers.

South Africa ruthlessly crushing everyone before them. Quite looking forward to SA- Aus.

India and Pakistan win their games at the U19 WC, batting for a total of 16.5 overs and losing one wicket between them. 6 wickets to Pak’s Afridi, who apparently isn’t any relation.

Quite like that he’s called Colin of BigMan

Is he tall? I kinda assume that he is…

This is quite clearly ridiculous, time for cricket to look at certain laws imo

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Disgrace. Obviously. Innit.
Windes have form for pulling this type of crap too, Dbags.

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South Africa Test captain Faf du Plessis called it “an absolute joke… I have done this almost a 100 times”, but ex-Australia fast bowler

Mitchell Johnson hit back: “Maybe you should stop doing it. Whether we like or not, it’s law in the game.”

Big Mitchell Johnson still playing the heel I see

Yeah, just seems like logical way to speed up play

Its all a bit “don’t touch our ball” macho bullshit

Apparently they just changed that law to make it easier to be given out obstructing field (e.g. batsman changes direction to run between fielder and stumps - if he gets hit in a runout attempt, it’s obstructing field).

This law just looks silly though. Even with the law as written, the batsman isn’t doing anything wrong. There’s an arguable case that he was out under the law, but totally against the spirit and the appeal should not have been made.

Good to see the keeper/captain (who made the appeal) scored 2 off 17 and the Windies lost.

In other news, South Africa can win without Steyn, and Kenya’s U19s refused to chase 436 against NZ and just batted out the overs, scoring 190 for 4.

He’s been charged with affray which is a lesser offence than ABH or GBH isn’t it? I’d expect him to receive a community order rather than a custodial one.

Oh it carries a maximum sentence of 3 years’ imprisonment. But ABH (which is what he was arrested for) is a five year maximum sentence. In short: no idea.

Limited view this time, but actually might win…

Enjoy! I just got back from a nice sunny day at the Basin. Century for Guptill, Rosco breaking the NZ record for most scores over 50, Pakistan collapse and then fightback with some tasty hitting from the tail. Mohammad Nawaz and Shadab Khan look like decent young spinners, but the Pakistan top order looks seriously weak. 5-0 sweep for the hosts.

loving all these close-ups of a rather exasperated Smith