Post BH Blues Lunch Thread

Got a mum-made bacon sandwich and a gold bar.

What u eating huns?

McDonald’s quarter pounder meal. I already know I’ve made a huge mistake.

Just eaten my breakfast (honey nut shredded wheat and coffee)

laelfy, omg. We have roasted garlic sourdough bread :heart_eyes: I’m going to have it with bacon and eggs.

the office I’m in today is scarily close to a mcdonalds

think I’m going to walk a wee bit further to waitrose though and get some sort of sandwhich

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Did you make the bread?!

Haha, sadly no :cry:

Beef fat tacos followed by smoked lamb shoulder flatbread (I think, haven’t even got to the restaurant yet).

They do an irn bru spritz :heart_eyes:


left over chinese takeaway that we ordered after finishing all of Ugly Delicious yesterday. probably gonna feel awful all afternoon afterwards.



That’s a good lunch. What’s in the pie?

Chicken, bacon, mushroom



You’ve already won.

I had leftover lamb and cous cous with minty cucumber yogurt. I would enjoy minty cucumber yoghurt with anything.

Caramel egg with coffee afterwards.

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Some really boring wraps which hurt my throat and about 2/3 of my white chocolate easter egg, meh/10.

got an “all day breakfast” sandwhich cos it was cheap and one of those nice Collective yogurts.

I also have a banana

Waitrose had loads and loads of half price easter eggs which I showed great self control in not buying

cheese toasties not as done as they could’ve been and cut into triangle shapes for any detail fans out there in radio land

sounds good actually