Post Boxing Day Wednesday thread

Christmas is over for me. Back to work. It was snowing when I came in, and I obviously forgot my hat, so this happened

New jacket works a treat mind.

What are you all doing today? Have a great day doing it!


Mornin. On ma wee to inverness to head home, bye scotland. Back to work tomorrow boo, in south london as well boooooo. Gonna sleep all day pretty much.

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Morning - woke up about 5:30 coughing and drenched in sweat

Lovely start to the day

It’s back to work for me Clive

Same here. Fucking cold.


Weather here is horrendous. My Festive 500 is looking unlikely unless I pull a 200 out of the bag on NYE :thinking:

Wonder if I can book a day off

I was supposed to be off work until the 2nd, but agreed to go in today to do someone a favour. I regret it already, so much for doing good deeds, bah humbug.

It’s trying to snow in CR3, but it’s failing and its just wet and miserable, which is what I’ll be after my shower.

Back in work (but I have next Mon-Weds off so it’s not all bad). Journey home last night was dicey: torrential rain/sleet/snow (and 45mph gusts of wind) for 250 of the 300 miles home; surface water everywhere; nearly lost control of the car when I took my eye off the road for a split second and ploughed into a stream that had formed across the A47. Oh and the eldest was sick about ten miles south of Peterborough.


We left The Child with my parents last night while I had some pints with ATDs. She slept right through and didn’t shout anyone awake.

We’re meeting some of Wor Lass’s ATDs this morning and then going on a baby display tour of North Tyneside after that.


Even Ely Marina looks bleak this morning

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Got the loooong drive home to contend with followed by starting to pack up the house. Fun…

Got here two hours early for flight and it’s delayed by 90 mins :frog:

This morning’s decadent porridge addition: a segment of chocolate orange (obvs melted when heated, then swirled in). Decent, smell was better than the taste, could have perhaps used two segments.


Off to the airport in eight minutes so obviously have The Fear even though I’m gasping to get home. God I hate flying.


Wfh this week. I’m going to be nipping off to the gym each day though.

We’re also painting my bfs bedroom from (almost) black walls to light grey. Should be…interesting.

Well this isnt encouraging me to get out of bed

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It’s snow/sleeting!

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Absolutely nothing planned today. Might binge on The Wire.


Just got this image of you sat there on the plane. You’ve arrived at the airport, got through security, got your favourite seat and the plane has taken off safely. You then notice something. Peering at you through the gap in the seats in front. Peering.