Post Boxing Day Wednesday thread

Flight’s delayed by two hours, gonna miss the coach I booked as well. Can I get some compensation?

In work, at home, at Christmas. Crapitalism has fully permeated every aspect of my life including my abject, impenetrable laziness when it is at its peak.


Do you like this time of year?

  • YES I take time off and laze about
  • YES I take time off and be productive
  • No I didn’t take time off and have to work
  • What fucking day is it?
  • I’m still drowning in turkey

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Pissing it down here.

It’s Baltic in North London
I’m not looking forward to venturing out shortly

Still up north at my parents’. My brother’s girlfriend arrives today!!!

Oh wait, here comes sleet.

+ I work through the three quietest days of the year and get to take my leave at a time of year when I’m not bloated with food and when it’s not dark and miserable outside.
- I’d quite like a few days lazing around in our own home with the girls, eating chocolate and watching films. And yet I’m in work, bloated with food and it’s dark and miserable outside.

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Really pretty clear blue sky bordered with gold in S Wales (a rarity it’s been chucking it down all Christmas).

Early George Harrison lyrics needed work.


Think I’m coming down with a cold or something, my ear hurts and I slept terribly. Gonna take a nice hot bath later and hope that sorts me out :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

Off to buy a hamster in a minute


alright mates?


Snow is snowing

Nobody has ever needed this fruit salad more in their life.

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Always a mojo man myself

Blueberries are shit, aren’t they? They better be good for me.


In the office today, but actual work done will be at an extreme minimum. Skeleton staff in the office, I’m the only one in my team so forsee a five hour day.

Think I have picked up the cold my little girl’s had for most of Christmas.

Nothing on this evening. Fancy a drink as haven’t had one since Saturday, believe it or not, but don’t fancy doing so alone.

Bit early for Halloween.


Same here, 4 out of 35 are in.

I wasn’t supposed to be in today, and Wednesday is my late night 9am to 8:30pm. But I gave that away to someone else expecting not to be in.

I think they want to give it back to me. I’d get paid 3 hours overtime, but I’m not sure I want it.