Post-Boxing Day

Morning all!

I’m waiting to go to the airport so I can spend 27 hours travelling back to Glasgow. Mostly I’ll be hanging around King Shaka or Johannesburg airports.

Talk amongst yourselves.

  • We go again
  • It is done
  • Shuffleboard with Shrewbie

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Morning! We’re off to my parents to do our family Christmas with my brothers family, grandparents etc. tell the truth all I want to do is chill out at home but it’s unfair on my folks to be so jaded because they’re always very good about not getting us on the 25th. So, need to find a bit more festive spirit in the tank, room for more food and wine, we go again!


Every day for me between 23rd Dec and 4th Jan, every year.


My parents are coming to us this afternoon, with plans to stay over.

I’m doing a chilli.

Went to bed shivering. Woke up a couple of hours later absolutely roasting hot and a banging headache. Didn’t get any more sleep because my muscles are all aching, so I’m just in constant pain.

Might be ill, I think.


Good morning all :wave:

All fine here - currently still sat in bed while the girls play around with the Lego train set downstairs. Might take them to Hobbycraft this morning as they’ve got some money they want to spend. Need to find a reasonable place to park though, as I can imagine it’ll be horridly busy.

Get well soon! X


Hey up

Supposed to be going to my mum’s for breakfast. So that in a bit although everyone is still asleep and I imagine everyone at her house is slow to get going except the kids.

Then sweet, sweet sofa time I guess.

Taking my boyfriend’s mum to the theatre this afternoon (my Christmas present to her, said it was her favourite present, yaaaaaas)

But first, a fry-up.



Mince pie and coffee for breakfast again, and for the first time in a couple of weeks, the house is Covid free, meaning normality of sorts can resume


Three days without a single work-related email was so nice.

Off to Kent for family Christmas today.

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Morning troops

Water might be back, been off since Christmas day. Been given water from bottles but could really do with a shower.

I built I really massive shopping centre in Minecraft. I’m hiding it under the fold. I have really enjoyed building it.


jasheeldz | Xbox

Everyone is slightly less sick today! Again! Last day of chilling so might see if anyone is up for a walk somewhere, maybe the necropolis?


Family Christmas is over.

Will probably head to the cafe with a friend abs then we’ll play board games all day.

Heading back home from my parents today. Slightly on tenterhooks to see if my train is running.

Off to my family for Christmas III. Really want to be at home in my own sofa, but should just about limp to the line


Was going to watch ‘Jason And The Argonauts’ with A this morning but we both woke up late. We’ll watch it tomorrow instead.

First day of not shopping or visiting relatives, I hope we do fuck all for the day.

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