Post disco gospel


seems to be getting a bit of traction lately. maybe it’s the jay z album sample. such a great sound. any recommends of records or comps? haven’t come across much. examples…

Isaac whitmon- love brought me back

celestial choir- stand on the word (levan mix)

twinkie clark- awake o zion

clark sisters- ha ya

David Byrne

I love this record


This is pretty good m7


Also I’m gonna post some Floorplan even though it’s gospel techno just cos I can


i’m an ungrateful wrong un, but none of that’s what I meant. all too fast, anything slower, more swung?


The Greg Belson comp isn’t what you were looking for? Hmm. I guess I know what you mean. Not got any recs though sorry.


listened to a few off the belson comp and they were outright disco, not the sound I meant. maybe there’s something on it, does say up to '84.
cheers for the recommend


I was thrown off by that Larry Levan one which is a house track ¯_(ツ)_/¯. Seems different to the rest of them


But now getting you meant “post disco Gospel” as a genre. Not asking people to post “disco Gospel” :joy:


aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhaaaaaa- i’m an idiot, didn’t think of the other meaning of post :slight_smile:


this sort of fits, ify orajekwe- wonderful name…


from gilles Peterson on Saturday, Jeffrey Roberson- i’m not tired, yet…