Post-Fleming Bonds


A quick tour through the very worst of the latter-day covers with me, xylo

Bond learns the hard way about looking a bit creepy

Bond goes full nihilist

Bond is cold

Unexpectedly boring admin-based thriller

Bond struggles with social etiquette. Painted her gold, kill me now.


Death Is Forever looks great


It’s a train, but it’s coming out of a gun. There’s a lot to work with tbf


Must be that Bullet Train I’ve heard so much about AHAHAHAHA




the bond girl in that book is called Elizabeth Zara (“Easy”) St. John. Like they couldn’t even be bothered to do a fnar fnar name so just made her nickname ‘Easy’


Is this the Thursday filth thread?


I imagine bond gets a few people in here thigh-rubby, so why not?


I bet he says “Easy does it” in the book.
What a shithead.


Easy St John
Pussy Galore
Plenty O’Toole
Anya Onatop


BOND: Hwy d0 the call yous Easy?
EASY: It in how I take my eggZ.
EASY: When I sleeping with all of men and now that includes you ALSO.


icebreaker cover is quite metal


Alotta Fagina


Roger More


Timothy DalTonne


I used to come up with Bond Girls’ names.

Suzy Willing
Jenny Mayeye
Sheena Sugarwalls

God, I was so bored as a teenager.


Fanny Schmelar


“Sheena Sugarwalls”
ffs mate :rofl:


Idris Elba? I hardly know er!


Bond: “So you’re evil plan is to capture me in a candy cane house? Well these won’t be the first Sugarwalls I’ve got stuck into.”