Post from the shower thread

Take your phone into the shower with you and then post in this thread. Do it now!

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looks a bit like me actually

Which one? the one with the bath or the standalone shower

The one with the bath

Nice t shirt

Right im there, what now?

Is the water on?

No, i’m fully clothed

bit of a non-sequitur if you ask me

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Turn the water on

  • threatening
  • sexy

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Everyone who’s not hardcore enough to post from the shower will be let go from the boards with 3 months severance pay

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I’m posting from the toilet, is that ok?

what’s my salary?

Posting from the shower? You mean instead of posting on this total shower, right?

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I took a wrong turn and now I appear to be stuck in a pipe of some kind.


It’s ok but it’s not really what I’m looking for

I think you’d know that better than I would