Post in here ya filthy animal (friday night)

Hello lovers

What’s going on?

Hiding in my room watching Traitors whilst 3 kids go wild in the rest of the flat. Sleepover night!

Shoutout to m&s onion rings (crisps) for being such bangers.

Dinner? Xmas party? Aob?


Just been to the opticians. They think I have a stye.

Pint since I’m in out.


2022 is the year of the stye imo. Had about 3. Did the usual nonsense thing of rubbing a penny on it and probably transferring all the germs of humankind into my tear ducts


Oh my dear lord, I would eat that whole tray right now.

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Very very tired and run down and I have to work tomorrow but we’re having breakfast for dinner so everything is just swell.


It was for the kids unfortunately :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Thank you for your swell

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Second last night of holiday :frowning:

Cousin who I haven’t seen in eight years visiting us on Monday :slight_smile:

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I think I’ve only had one in my life before. Here’s to a prosperous, stye free 2023!

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It was just for you.

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Evening! Blistery day here, 4-6 inches of snow expected tonight. GF going out to her friends, worry about her driving in it later but she won’t take my truck. :man_shrugging:

I’m just going to eat, have some beers and listen to music in the meantime.


My other half is at her Christmas do so I’m planning an evening of ham, egg and chips, red wine and present wrapping


Gonna have a takeaway and watch Bangy Copy Copy Cop


Off work until the 4th Jan. Whoop whoop!! still ill with terrible headache, blocked sinuses and tooth pain but I am on holiday and refuse to be ill. I am fine. Totally fine. Absolutely fine!!!


Spotted a Starmer lookalike at this bar earlier in the week, even started googling to see if he had declared going on holiday before I heard him speak Spanish in about as far from Starmer’s accent as you could imagine

Was thinking about takeaway but just ate a fair amount of toast so dunno

Man I just wrote off my appetite by snacking on a load of crap and having a beer. Fairly confident that more beer will bring it back tho.

Rare Spanish Keir, what a prospect

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Yeah I also have had 3 pack of crisps today

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