Post-International break main football thread

They were the best eight minutes of the game though


Mortgaged beer tokens on Otamendi getting sent off here

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This isn’t meant to be offensive or belittling of the situation or anything but wondering if the Ronaldo case should have a split topic. Feel a bit silly calling Pep a bald prick in the middle of such a serious discussion.

With CL games and the inevitable Mourinho meltdown something’s bound to get lost too.

Tell me to get lost if you want.


Give us a tick.

All Ronaldo-related posts here, pls: Ronaldo


Agree with this. This is a bloody good game to watch btw

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Been reading the football threads for years. Finally get a chance to contribute and subbed off after two posts :frowning:

(Totally agree with splitting it off)


Enjoyable game of association football this

Weird, but profitable, how predictable all this is.

  • Edgar Dayvids
  • Edgar Dahvids

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belfodil’s a great pokemon and an even better man (I assume)


Some remarkable defending on show here

Think Laporte has given it away about 4 times already :laughing:

Keep expecting him to burst into song about the perils of Middle-earth

We need a left back who is not just fundamentally a string of social media accounts.

Bravo’s been teaching Ederson

Love how he just went flying past the ball

Switch to a back three: calling card of the manager who doesn’t know where else to go.

That’s a bold decision