Post-International break main football thread

Nahhh, Toyota are relatively new and sponsored them when they were shite innit?

Terra mítica for sure


I agree with pretty much all of your post above, but which part means that he wouldn’t be effective now?

Had a lovely day out at TERRA MITICA a few years back

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Just a hunch really from watching him in his time at Arsenal. I get the impression that his strengths were highlighted and weaknesses were less likely to rear their head in the way that Liverpool were performing last season, but this season I’m not really sure he would be the difference maker. He’s crumbled a bit in the past with responsibility and decision making but as part of a well oiled machine and his role simplified then yeah he can be effective but I don’t see Liverpool as being quite that so far this season.

He was a crucial part of the well oiled machine you mention last season, though. I get that he has weaknesses but he was a key player and we’re much worse without him.

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(Also he was fantastic in the press. Difficult to find someone who can fit the system in that way whilst also being as effective in transition and attack as he was.)

Parejo looks like a right rube

Yeah no doubt, I think he’s more the final piece when other players around him are more on their game rather than him setting the tone. Could very well be wrong though.

It wasn’t at all like Wenger’s Arsenal to score a scintillating passing goal against dross in essentially meaningless circumstances.


Think this Chelsea away kit must be the most hideous thing ever designed. Should be docked 12 points for subjecting everyone to it.


  • Chelsea’s away kit
  • City’s away kit

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i really like it. looks like this classic:


Always funny when they design a long, OTT montage for a match that turns out to be a total stinker, isn’t it.

That one’s actually all right.

have they at least included a graphic of a ship for you?

They can dock City 12 points as well if you like :wink:

(Actually don’t mind it personally- at least it doesn’t make it look like the contrast on the telly has gone wrong).

I took you into my confidence about my simple love for the wee boat and this is how you treat it.